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‘Some games last a lifetime’

Rock, Paper and Scissors is a 2019 Argentinian psychological thriller feature film directed by Martín Blousson and Macarena García Lenzi from a screenplay co-written with Julieta García Lenzi and Valentín Javier Diment. The movie stars Pablo Sigal, Valeria Giorcelli and Agustina Cerviño.


Jesus and Maria José live together in the grand house that belonged to their recently deceased father.

The siblings playful routine is disrupted when Magdalena, their half-sister on their dad’s side, returns from Spain asking for her share of the inheritance. What are they going to do about this interloper into their dangerous folie à deux?


“As relationships are remade and smashed apart by untoward motivations, Blousson/Lenzi’s film exposes the trio’s emotional weaknesses, and mental fragility, as trust in one another crumbles and the search for the truth ensures what little there is that bonds them, falls apart in a wonderfully dramatic, violent and morbid fashion.” BritFlicks

“The characters are a bit less than fully formed at times, and the script does lean a into caricature a little too much. But these things are really just minor quibbles. Rock, Paper, and Scissors is a fun watch that explores themes that have been done better, but never in quite the same way.” Dread Central

“I wish the horror had been amped up significantly; instead, it feels like an afterthought to the familial drama and money politics. When season 2 of Netflix’s The Politician has a stronger narrative throughline to the rock, paper, scissors game than a movie quite literally titled Rock, Paper and Scissors, there is something wrong there. The acting, and especially the directing, is the main reason to give this one a chance.” Josh at the Movies

“It’s full of quietly upsetting little details, like the horrible meals Maria José prepares for the bedridden Magdalena, the el cheapo CGI horror movie Jesús is making with minimal equipment (his pitch sounds truly terrible), Jesús’s particularly unsightly hairdo and perkily mean little grin, and the steady drip of details about just how twisted the family has been.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …Rock, Paper and Scissors also deals with the idea of loss and grief and how both can affect the human condition… In this case fracturing already fragile psyches, pushing people to breaking point and beyond (something superbly illustrated by the films freakish animated segments).” Nerdly

“Great tension is maintained as we are left wondering just how this impossible situation will play itself out, and how often it has been staged before – even as we remain uncertain for which precise rôle Magdalena is being cast.” Projected Figures

“Framed tightly and, dare I say, exquisitely, the shots soon compose a nightmare, very occasionally leavened with home-video footage from (supposedly) Jesus’ attempt at his own twisted version of The Wizard of Oz, which is revealed to be a dark vision from Hell. The three central performances are very strong and bolster an atmosphere of anguish and frustration.” Screen Anarchy


Dark Star Pictures will release Rock, Paper and Scissors in the USA on Digital and On-Demand on July 6th 2021.

Original title:

Piedra, papel y tijera


Not to be confused with Tom Holland’s Rock, Paper, Scissors (2017)


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