BLOOD DEMON RISING (2017) Overview


Blood Demon Rising is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film about a demon from Hell that wants to sacrifice young people.

Written and directed by Harry Tchinski (Spaceship Terror), the Harwen Entertainment production stars Stephen Lestat, Logan Littlefield, Ronee Collins and Jareth Hixon.


Two couples go to a haunted house amusement where the two young women are abducted by a demon that has been risen from Hell. The guys break in and try to rescue them but are also caught in the attempt.

Meanwhile, a Jesuit priest is sent by the church to investigate and finds himself in the middle of the battle. The priest must fight the Hellish demon to the death, as robed vampires and zombies parade around in their midst…

Cast and characters:

Stephen Lestat … Grimises Demon
Logan Littlefield … Shawn
Ronee Collins … Joanna
Simone Leorin … Father Samuel
Norman Newkirk … James
Jareth Hixon … Dave
Angela Garner … Becky
Chelsey Tillich … Vicky
Tom Ricciardelli … Father John
Gabrielle Urban … Evil Little Girl
Tiffany Black … Female Vampire #2
Kitna Adams … Person in a cage
Tess Beiker … Caped Ritual Girl #3
Shelby Bryant … Bell Ringer
John Bunn … Man in closet

Working title:

Grimises Rising

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