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The Mortuary Collection is a 2019 American horror anthology feature film about a mortician that presents four stories about death. Written and directed by Ryan Spindell, the movie stars Caitlin Custer, Christine Kilmer, Jacob Elordi and Ema Horvath.


When a young woman attends a funeral in an old mortuary, she stumbles upon a secret room full of curiosities where she meets the towering, ominous mortician. He guides her through his collection, sharing four stories of wild, unique, and memorable deaths.

Each of the four stories brings us into a fully realized, impeccably designed period piece, moving chronologically from the 1950s through the 1980s.

A ‘50s housewife struggles with a mysterious presence in her bathroom; a ‘60s college boy gets a taste of his own fraternizing medicine, and a ‘70s husband makes some tough decisions about his wife — all culminating in the ‘80s-set The Babysitter Murders.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“From a battle between a thief and a medicine cabinet to pointed commentary on birth control and marriage itself, The Mortuary Collection fires on all cylinders as it scorches through its nearly two-hour runtime. The stories themselves often rely on humor or irony to make the ultimately savage punchlines a bit more palatable for wider audiences.” Modern Horrors

The Mortuary Collection is everything you could want out of a horror anthology film. It has plenty of terrifying tricks up its sleeve, oozes eerie-ness for days, and delivers consistently creepy segments all wrapped in a spooky, cobwebby haunted house I’m already eager to re-visit.” Nightmare on Film Street

The Mortuary Collection is gorgeous from start to finish, and Clancy Brown is by himself already worth the price of admission […] writer-director Ryan Spindell makes the mortuary inbetweens one of the best segments in the anthology and cleverly has his protagonists point out each tale’s weaknesses.” Screen Anarchy

“It’s more than likely that fans of the genre will come away from Spindell’s film with a big goofy grin on their face, happy to recount their favorite gross-out moments to their friends. Perhaps that’s enough. As haphazard and messy as The Mortuary Collection is, its bloody, ripped-out heart is in the right place.” Slash Film

“It doesn’t exactly stick its landing, but there’s a gloss and glide that makes the two-hour experience an amusingly breezy good time, and there’s no shortage of creepy, atmospheric entertainment here.” Viddy Well

Cast and characters:

  • Caitlin Custer … Sam
  • Christine Kilmer … Emma
  • Jacob Elordi … Jake
  • Ema Horvath … Sandra
  • Jennifer Irwin … Margaret
  • James Bachman … Ralph Wilkes
  • Barak Hardley … Wendell Owens
  • Sarah Hay … Carol
  • Ben Hethcoat … The Killer
  • Mike C. Nelson … Doctor Harold Kubler
  • Brennan Murray … Connor
  • Michael Bow … Todd
  • Tom Woodruff Jr. … Burke
  • Hannah R. Loyd … Jen
  • Tristan Byon … Bill

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