Dead Voices – USA, 2019 – preview with trailer, clip and release news


Dead Voices is a 2019 American horror feature film about two sisters that discover a dark secret while making a documentary about mediums for a college final.

Directed by William Butler from a screenplay written by Jacob Kyle Young, the movie stars the latter alongside Lochlyn Munro (The Predator; The Unspoken; The Blackburn Asylum), Angelica Briones, Jack Buckley and Lauren Albo.


Two sisters, Emily (Lauren Albo) and Sara (Angelica Briones), are preparing to film a documentary about mediums. Emily hires Mike (Jacob Kyle Young), a medium she found online to come to assist them. As Mike performs his ritual, he uncovers a disturbing mystery, Sara’s fiancée Lucas (Jack Buckley) who is long thought to have been killed, might be alive in the nearby Yosemite mountains.

The young women convince Mike to come with them to seek out Lucas. They arrive at the scene and immediately begin to find unknown figures and forces messing with their sanity following by horrific events…


In the USA, June 12, 2020, on VOD and July 7, 2020, on DVD via High Octane Pictures.

Cast and characters:

  • Jacob Kyle Young … Mike
  • Lochlyn Munro … Paul
  • Angelica Briones … Sara
  • Jack Buckley … Lucas
  • Lauren Albo … Emily

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