Primal – USA, 2019 – preview – now with first poster

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Primal is a 2019 action-thriller feature film about a big-game hunter who must face off against a political assassin and a white jaguar on a cargo ship.

Directed by former stunt expert Nick Powell (Outcast) from a screenplay written by Richard Leder (Unthinkable; Scared Silent), the movie stars Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, Michael Imperioli and LaMonica Garrett.


When Frank Walsh (Nicolas Cage), a hunter and collector of rare and exotic animals, bags a priceless white jaguar for a zoo, he figures it’ll be smooth sailing to a big payday. However, the ship bearing Frank’s precious cargo has two predators caged in its hold: the cat and a political assassin (Kevin Durand)) being extradited to the United States.

After the mercenary breaks free – and then uncages all the animals on the ship, including the jaguar – Frank feverishly stalks the ship’s cramped corridors in hot pursuit of his prey…


In June last year, Nicolas Cage told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s a completely original concept and it’s totally wild. I loved the script the minute I read it. It’s the story of a big game hunter, but he’s not the kind of hunter who puts animals down. He captures wild exotic animals and he sells them to zoos. He’s trying to transport his animals to a zoo aboard a ship — I play this big game hunter — but low and behold, on the ship along with me is a mercenary killer, a highly trained, extremely dangerous man. He lets all my animals loose and then I’m caught between a rock and hard place, trying to get my animals back to safety, and not let the animals — specifically a white jaguar — kill the other people on the ship (she’s a man-eater). And also I have to contend with this mercenary killer, so it’s complete madness and chaos.”


Primal was released in US theatres and on VOD and Digital by Lionsgate on November 8th, 2019.

Choice dialogue:

“You kill my cat, I’ll blow your head off!”

Cast and characters:

  • Nicolas Cage … Frank Walsh
  • Famke Janssen … Doctor Ellen Taylor
  • Kevin Durand … Richard Loffler
  • Michael Imperioli … Paul Freed
  • LaMonica Garrett … John Ringer
  • Rey Hernandez … Prettyman
  • Tommy Walker … Forrest (as Tom Walker)
  • John Lewis … Harrison
  • Sewell Whitney … Scuddy
  • Braulio Castillo hijo … Captain Morales
  • Joseph Oliveira … Alfonso Diaz
  • Brian Tester … Commander Delaney
  • Drake Shannon … Miller
  • Sebastian Vázquez … Shelton
  • Jaime Irizarry … Dominic Delgado – Chef

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