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‘For Kira to live, many must die

Replace is a 2017 Canadian-German body horror feature film directed by Norbert Keil (short: Twisted), making his feature debut. The screenplay was co-written with Richard Stanley (The Island of Doctor Moreau; Dust Devil; Hardware). Additional dialogue was provided by Scarlett Amaris. The movie stars Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron and Barbara Crampton



Young and attractive Kira (Rebecca Forsythe) is afflicted with a strange disease where her skin ages rapidly to the point of drying out and crumbling away.

When she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else’s, she has to make a choice: watch her own body wither and die or give in to temptation… whatever the price!



In the UK, Studiocanal released Replace on DVD on 31 December 2017.

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In the USA, Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing Replace on DVD and VOD on October 1st, 2019.


“A fascinating, thought-provoking blend of science and sci-fi, Keil and cinematographer Kuhn play on the concept of beauty and create the most exquisite visuals serving as a dichotomous metaphor to the story at hand. Polished and steeped in color with red, turquoise, and blue, prominent in use […] all are vibrant and highly saturated, creating a unique layer of storytelling.” Behind the Lens

” …cinematographer Tim Peter Kuhn give it a slick, almost artsy look. The contrast between this and the violence depicted in it adds to the film’s ability to shock. While it could have easily done without a few scenes that just slow the film’s pace, Replace is another well-done entry into the body horror genre…” Beneath the Underground

” …Replace gets in its own way by being just as shallow as the character it is trying to scold. The rising crescendos lead to nothing, the reason behind Kira’s incredible ability to adapt to foreign tissue so well is never revealed, and in the end, the sad truth is that the film that began with such an innovative premise boils down to nothing more than a movie that’s just as superficial as its leading lady.” Bloody Disgusting

Replace goes nine-tenths of its distance with cerebral chills dominating physical thrills, then decides on a redirection that isn’t necessarily in keeping with the previously established tone. Toss in heavy-handed villainy for a particular character during the last third and things teeter a touch toward cartoonish carnage. Replace pulls back from that brink with strong suspense and stronger style.” Culture Crypt

“Layers of gore and psychological horror flesh out a plot that is essentially science fiction – near-future stuff, seen from a very dark perspective. It’s lusciously framed and there’s some spectacular set design, with Crober’s laboratory blending Cronenberg influences with Tron.” Eye for Film

…Replace soars on the performances of its trio of actresses, especially newcomer Forsythe, who makes for an intoxicating and engaging protagonist who you still want to sympathize with even as her character begins to make some dark and disturbing decisions. On a visual level, Replace is brimming with haunting and stunning compositions reminiscent of the gauzy haze of Blade Runner…Daily Dead


“Cinematographer Tim Peter Kuhn captures a world that rarely allows for human warmth. Kira’s instability and vicious acts lead to horrific scenes of suffering and carnage, and it only gets colder and more striking when she visits the doctor’s starkly-designed and neon-lit office.” Film School Rejects

“It makes us squeamish with effective practical effects, titillates with a narrative device guaranteeing bare breasts are never far away and possesses a memorable conceit. If the latter was exposed earlier so the stakes could be increased by its revelations, this might have proven a genre gem. Holding the film’s best attribute back until there were no stakes left only disappoints.” The Film Stage

“Based off a script he co-wrote with Hardware’s Richard Stanley, Norbert Keil’s Replace, is a meditative and often nasty work of exquisite blend of science fiction and body horror. Influences ranging from Cronenberg to Barker are on display throughout the film and it’s held together by a trio of strong performances.” Film Thrills

“This is one hell of a gruesomely gorgeous fright flick, overflowing with a diametrically opposed blend of chiaroscuro shadows and blazing vivid colors that create a hard yet aesthetically pleasing world that in turn contrasts with the beauty and malleable nature of the flesh. It’s a classic blending of the sterile and vividly alive and it makes this one a pleasure to behold…” Horror Fuel

“Part art-house (in the vein of The Neon Demon), part Cronenberg body-horror, part sci-fi with a futuristic Westworld vibe – the forthcoming genre mash-up Replace is a film to eagerly anticipate […] fascinating and yes, hypnotic…” Horrorfreak News

“The movie does not add anything new to the body horror genre or say anything about the beauty/anti-ageing industry we have not heard before, but the overall project offers just enough gore and story to keep you interested. Fans of Cronenberg will appreciate the subtle nods to his works and the rest of the horror enthusiasts will enjoy an interesting story and an appearance from a beloved Scream Queen.” Killer Horror Critic

“Well shot and exquisitely designed, Replace confounds expectation, at times challenging and brutal at others lyrical and tragic. You could see it as a gore-drenched critique of the beauty industry or as a modern-day twist on the mythos of the vampire or as a feminist slasher set against the male gaze but whatever way you interpret it, this is a horror that will most definitely make you think.” Love Horror

“Ultimately Replace is a sexy, deadly and grotesque body-horror trip that combines the best of US and European filmmaking to create a film that heralds the dangers of our obsession with youth and the march of science.” Nerdly

Cast and characters:

  • Rebecca Forsythe … Kira Mabon
  • Lucie Aron … Sophia Demeraux
  • Barbara Crampton … Doctor Rafaela Crober – Death House; Day of Reckoning; We Are Still Here; Re-Animator; et al
  • Sean Knopp … Jonas Swierczynski
  • Adnan Maral … Doctor Czerny
  • Agnes Kiyomi Decker … Doctor Assistant
  • J. David Hinze … Detective Loomis
  • Teresa Gluck … Doctor Assistant
  • Daniel Holzberg … E.M.T.
  • Matthias Beier … Security Guard #1
  • Laura Cuenca Serrano … Waitress
  • Felix von Poser … Officer Myers
  • Lea Urban … Marla (Trendy Young Woman #1)
  • Geneviève Boehmer … Trendy Young Woman #2 (as Genevieve Boehmer)
  • Julia Mauracher … Bathtub Woman

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