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‘You had your chance to be you. Their turn.’

Shed is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by David Axe (The Theta Girl).


Skin-stealing creatures live among humans, masquerading as human … There’s a Halloween party going on nearby, a perfect source of a new identity. Drinks and blood will flow and before the night is over more than one person will turn out to not be who they appeared to be. In more ways than one…


” …even with a very low budget, Shed pulls off a decent amount of creep factor. The angles, as well as the video quality, make it feel like a forgotten ’80s horror flick, but in a good way! Between the gore, the music, and nudity, Shed could entertain a variety of horror fans…” Cryptic Rock

“Disjointed pacing, bizarre dialog and character interactions, odd humor, and off-kilter editing choices lead to a true fever dream experience which only heightens the psychotronic effect the flick has upon the viewer. All of that being said, some of you may be put off on Shed‘s more unpolished aspects such as dodgy sound and a few iffy performances.” Horror Fuel

“It’s nonstop brutality at its finest, highlighted by an independent cast and crew with something to prove. And they proved it well. Shed is dark and disarming and a splatterfest mix of horror and science fiction.” Horror Society

“I loved the low-fi setting, the localised story, and that it played to its strengths. It may be low budget, but the great directing, cinematography and editing, as well as the fun special effects more than make up for that. I just wish it had been easier to understand what characters were saying more.” The Rotting Zombie

“The pure nature of the monsters is fun in itself, and that they switch loyalties really adds something extra to the formula, likewise that they can change identities – and that this often confuses the viewer only adds to the film’s tension. On top of that, the movie doesn’t take itself all that seriously works in the film’s favour and gives one easier access to the very over-the-top premise.” Search My Trash

Shed does a good job of mixing the plot points we expect from this kind of film with some nice twists. There’s a big cast for a film of this budget and that means plenty of victims […[ We’re barely 15 minutes in and there’s a threesome going on. As with its gore, the film doesn’t shy away from skin either. It also doesn’t always display it the way you might expect.” Voices from the Balcony

“Practical effects really impress being pulled off excellently on a budget. From blood to alien bodies, it all looks good and more importantly it’s a lot of fun. This is definitely a movie for gorehounds not to miss. For the rest of you, if you can overlook the low budget production values, specifically the sound and you don’t mind how outrageous this movie can get, amidst the sometimes excessive storytelling there’s a fun time to be had in this Shed.” Without Your Head

Filming locations:

Columbia, South Carolina



Plot synopsis and some images are courtesy of Voices from the Balcony

NB. Not to be confused with The Shed (Frank Sabatella, USA, 2019) or Shed of the Dead (Drew Cullingham, UK, 2019).

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