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‘Love is…’

Blind is a 2019 American horror thriller feature film directed by Marcel Walz (Rootwood; Blood Feast 2016; TorturaSeed 2) from a screenplay by Joe Knetter. The movie stars Sarah French, Caroline Williams, Jed Rowen, Tyler Gallant, Thomas Haley, Ben Kaplan, Michael St. Michael and Jessica Galetti.


Faye (Sarah French), a former actress that lost her vision due to botched laser eye surgery as she struggles to put her life back together while living alone in her dream house in the Hollywood Hills.

Supported by her friend Sophia, she starts opening up to Luke, a personal trainer who is mute and can only communicate through his cell phone. Faye will soon realise that she isn’t as alone as she thinks…


From Marcel Walz, director of 2016’s Blood Feast remake, comes Blind, a film so appallingly bad that the live chat running concurrently on the Frightfest Facebook Group was far more entertaining and a testament to both how little this one holds the attention and how terrible its many onscreen mistakes are.

A blind woman who lives in a house filled with sharp edges and easily breakable objects? Who doesn’t know if the lights work but has filled her house with lit candles? Who is in a support group run by a cut-price Jason Momoa who can’t speak and has a machine that makes him sound like Ned from South Park? All so, so terrible.

And I haven’t even mentioned the panty-sniffing sushi delivery man, the speech by the threatened heroine at the end that goes on for longer than the running time of the film, the numerous full glasses of wine she drinks during the climax from a thin-stemmed easily knocked over and broken glass, how her makeup is suddenly immaculately restored after her shower, or the ending where everyone just gives up and sticks the credits on.

John Llewellyn Probert, guest reviewer via House of Mortal Cinema

Other reviews:

Blind is great at the set-up, great at letting us get to know and care about the characters, and then doesn’t deliver enough of a payoff. It has an ending that might have worked for a short, but when the viewer has sat through 83 minutes of something we need more than what Blind has to offer to make it worthwhile.” Arrow in the Head

Blind is a film that will grab the viewer visually and have them pay attention throughout because of its fantastic imagery, its colors and framing, as well as Sarah French’s performance […] The directing by Marcel Walz creates a film that is coherent and works perfectly for the lead even though it has a few sequences that feel a bit overly long.” Cinema Crazed

Blind manages to stay suspenseful and engaging from beginning to end, and Walz’s skillful direction and sense of atmosphere truly brings out the best in the silent moments of Knetter’s screenplay.” Crypt Teaze

“There are some cliché horror moments, but it feels okay in Blind as there is so much more than normal to take in and experience […] It isn’t often I say this, check this movie out – great acting, great imagery, great story with one hell of a cliff hanger.” GrueMonkey

” …here’s a film with an infallible suspense situation that still fumbles with it. Performances are okay, but it’s got about enough plot for a short – and the last few seconds before the credits kick in (revealing the film’s full title*) are guaranteed to annoy audiences who have waited a long time for a plot crisis to come about.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Marcel Walz’s work often feels like a peek into another time, and that’s true with Blind. Thanks to slower cuts and longer scenes, the film works as a throwback of sorts, serving some serious drive-in vibes while never fully diving into the subgenre.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“All of the performances are phenomenal and the story takes us on a journey of self-doubt, self-discovery, and pure terror unlike any other.” Pop Horror

“Part Giallo, part De Palma-esque slasher film, and part sleazy stalker picture, Blind is voyeuristic horror at its most voyeuristic. The creeping pace and that divisive, frustrating ending will piss a lot of people off, but this is easily, queasily, one of the most disturbing horror films this year.” Starburst

“I had hoped for a different ending than what was presented but what Walz gives the viewer is still very powerful. There was a scene involving some broken glass that seemed to just drop off the map so to speak. Even with those two things and the slow start, Blind will pull you to the edge of your seat and have you holding your breath.” We Live Entertainment


Blind will be available on DVD and VOD on November 3rd 2020 from Uncork’d Entertainment.


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