THE MAD HATTER (2021) Reviews and overview of ghost movie


The Mad Hatter is a 2021 American horror film about students that experience mind-bending ghostly terror in a haunted mansion.

Directed by Cate Devaney [as Catherine Devaney] from a screenplay co-written with R.V. Romero, based on a story by the latter and an original idea by Armando Gutierrez. The Conglomerate Media-Swen Studios production stars Armando Gutierrez, Nick Miller, Samuel Caleb Walker and Michael Berryman.


Henry (Samuel Caleb Walker), and three of his classmates, encounter mind-bending ghostly terror when they volunteer for a weekend study with their psychology professor in the haunted ‘Mad Hatter’ mansion…


“Beyond the faulty setup, logic, and world-building (which is forced and insubstantial), faults in The Mad Hatter‘s writing go on; the dialogue is poor and tasteless, the characters aren’t fleshed-out people (plus have next to nothing in the personality department), scares are the same dried-up variations on repeat, and the twist ending is completely predictable.” Flickering Myth

“Thankfully, The Mad Hatter is only 90 minutes long, but it’s 90 minutes of the most offensively derivative, unoriginal “horror” movie beats in existence. Auditing a decade of personal tax filings is a scarier proposition than Mad Hatter, but it would likely be a hundred times more fun as well.” Sarah Conner

“Maybe if The Mad Hatter had replaced some of the filler, such as the endless shots of Henry’s sister floating in the water, with a bit of backstory as to just who or what Williams was and what his spirit is trying to do it might have been more interesting. Instead, we get lots of artsy camera angles and whispering voices. People doing strange things and having hallucinations for no apparent reason.” Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters:

Armando Gutierrez … Professor David Hart
Nick Miller … Ian
Samuel Caleb Walker … Henry
Michael Berryman … Caretaker Robert Lockwood
Isadora Cruz … Chelsey
Dennis Mallen … Orphanage Director
Rachel Brunner … Val
Julia Kay … Caretaker Margaret Lockwood
Sophia Rose Nikolov … Emma
Landin Wilkins … Mia
Yvonne Gougelet … Val’s Mother
John Hardy … Chelsey’s Dad
Misty Autery … Ballroom Party Guest
Arthur Dean … Burnt ghost
Aimee Doucette … Ballroom Party Guest
Benjamin Dougherty-King … Young Ian
Michelle Fernandez … Ballroom Dancer
Simone Grooms … College Student
Peter A. Lees … Ballroom Party Guest
Logan Masters … Burnt Ghost Female#2
Jen Sharlow … Ballroom Party Guest
Fedor Steer … Caretaker Huggins
Jake Wallin … Ballroom Party Guest
Zac Zedalis … Mad Hatter

Filming locations:

The Howey Mansion, Howey in the hills, Florida
Leesburg High School, Leesburg, Florida
Rollins College, 1000 Holt Avenue, Winter Park, Florida


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