‘No more sleepless nights…’

Cult of Nightmares is a 2019 Canadian science fiction horror feature film about an insomnia drug linked to the military-industrial complex.

Written and directed by David Paul Scott (The Haunt), the movie stars Damian Romeo, Carrie Evaristo, April Lee and Steve Kasan.


Deals with an insomnia drug linked to the military-industrial complex. The drug, which causes bizarre nightmares is part of a broader conspiracy to target the global population.

“Horror and science fiction are the keepers of hidden meanings,” says writer-director Scott. “Cult of Nightmares was made on a shoestring, but every fibre of it is screaming. Its nightmares are our growing distrust of world leaders and Western media. Both pretend not to notice the hollowing middle class, the wars without end and the climate that’s collapsing on us.”

Cult of Nightmares will soon be showing on horror, sci-fi and fantasy festival circuit.

Cast and characters:

  • Damian Romeo … Alex
  • Carrie Evaristo … Carol
  • April Lee … Doctor Ferguson
  • Steve Kasan … Benjamin Malick
  • Rick Amsbury … Jay
  • Katherine Stefanski … Sarah / Mask Demon
  • Wesley Wakelin … Mike
  • Tej Sangani … Sam
  • Christopher James Cox … Bodyguard
  • Stella Scavuzzo … Commercial Woman
  • Cynthia Stone … Commercial Doctor
  • Tom Shearman … Jeremy Dorsett
  • Dylan Lloyd … Reporter
  • Janet Ravivo … Rexittack Addict
  • Julie Hauber … Upstairs Neighbour

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2:00: 1

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