3022 – USA, 2019 – sci-fi movie, with another review

‘Mankind’s last hope’

3022 is a 2019 American science-fiction feature film about four astronauts who realise they are the last survivors when Earth suffers a cataclysmic event.

Co-produced and directed and by John Suits from a screenplay written by Ryan Binaco, the movie stars Omar Epps (Trick), Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, Enver Gjokaj, Haaz Sleiman, Angus MacFayden and Jorja Fox.


A group of astronauts is aboard Pangea, a space station and shepherding point between Earth and Europa One, Jupiter’s third moon and the site of mankind’s first off-world colony.

After five long years, the haunting emptiness of deep space begins to take a toll on the astronauts’ psyche, driving the team apart as they become exceedingly pulled to the dark corners of their mind.

Suddenly, the once-promising crew are deemed mentally unfit to continue their work and must prepare to leave Pangea before they become a danger to the mission, and themselves.

However, before they can return home, the crew awaken to find Earth has suffered a cataclysmic extinction-level event, leaving four unstable souls the last known survivors of the human race.

Now marooned on a dying space station, they must embark on a desperate fight for survival; battling each other, unforeseen threats, and the mind-shattering horror of what it means to be the last humans alive…


“Epps handles the stalwart hero thing well enough by now, Walsh delivers an effectively intense performance, and Cosgrove and Macfadyen manage to invest their turns with some subtle humor. Considering the obvious budget limitations, the special effects and physical aspects of the production are convincing.” The Hollywood Reporter

” …the success of 3022 comes from its characters, and the film’s bleak commitment to the madness. This is meant to be a moody, atmospheric tragedy, its high production values and sturdy performances greatly helping in making this a solid work of true science fiction. Recommended.” That Moment In


3022 will be released on VOD by Saban Films on November 22nd 2019.

Image credits: Saban Films

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