RADIOFLASH (2019) Reviews and overview

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Radioflash is a 2019 American survival thriller about a teenage girl and her family’s ordeal when an electromagnetic pulse that kills most people.

Written and directed by Ben McPherson, the Decipher Entertainment- Radioflash Filmmovie production stars Brighton Sharbino, Dominic Monaghan, Will Patton and Fionnula Flanagan.


An electromagnetic pulse has just struck North America, knocking out all power and propelling it back into the Dark Ages.

As society descends into violent anarchy, Reese (Brighton Sharbino), a tech-skilled teenager and her father Chris (Dominic Monaghan) flee the dangers of the city, seeking refuge with her doomsday-prepper grandfather (Will Patton) deep in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

However, they soon discover that their journey and the splendour of the mountains hide their own darkness…


“McPherson has some clarity with Chris and Frank, keeping the feature interested in family ties as they’re attacked by a potential doomsday, but he moves away from it in the last act, putting the brakes on an already throttled effort, and one that was doing just fine with a recognizably human touch.”

“Though this story is certainly nothing new, stellar casting, perfect cinematography and extraordinary natural beauty (thanks to Idaho), and a solid screenplay come together to craft a hopeful apocalyptic Thriller that is wholly enjoyable…” Cryptic Rock

” …a fascinating story of survival that offers several realistic and tragic events along the way. You could say that it includes a bit of a supernatural element as well. However, one could also argue that it’s simply the personification of intuition. Whatever you want to call it, you should simply check out Radioflash…” Heaven of Horror

“The film feels like a collection of shorts, forming a rudimentary skeleton that someone tried to make into a single vision, draping characters over the bones in a thin sheet of fabric. It’s clunky and ultimately unsatisfying, though bits and pieces are enjoyable…” Killer Horror Critic

“What’s familiar but at least intriguing, then, transforms into something wholly routine and that feels disconnected from the preceding story. Radioflash is less a cohesive story than it is a series of ideas cobbled together.” Mark Reviews Movies

“The film takes no risks in terms of bringing something new to the disaster film arena but it does add familiar tropes like escape room themes and backwoods folk. These cause some points of disconnect as it stumbles through its 102 minute-run-time. Radioflash definitely could have been elevated with less extended periods of wandering around in nature.” Mother of Movies

“Yes, Reese finds herself with the meanest lot of white trash this side of Wrong Turn. But Radioflash is not a horror movie. (It’s not a Clash song, either, but damn if I can get that tune out of my head.) It’s a lazy hero’s quest adventure flick where the hero learns little and isn’t given much chance to become a hero.” UK Film Review


IFC will release Radioflash theatrically in select US locations on November 15th 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Brighton Sharbino … Reese
  • Dominic Monaghan … Chris
  • Will Patton … Frank
  • Fionnula Flanagan … Maw
  • Miles Anderson … Farmer Glenn
  • Michael Filipowich … Bill
  • Kyle Collin … Quinn
  • Sean Cook … Rick
  • Arden Myrin … Nancy
  • Max Adler … Officer Jimmy
  • Eryn Rea … Kate
  • Lance Valentine Butler … Zeb
  • Juli Erickson … Gladys
  • Ryan Shrime … Clerk (as Ryan P. Shrime)
  • Shawn Law … Stan

Technical details:

103 minutes

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