BLUE DEMON (2004) Reviews and overview of shark movie


‘Your deepest fears lie below the surface’

Blue Demon is a 2004 comedic action horror film about genetically engineered Great White sharks that run amok. “It’s new science, it’s unstable!”

Directed by Daniel Grodnik [as Dan Grodnik] from a screenplay co-written with Brett Thompson, Lisa Morton and Ron Oliver. Produced by Daniel Grodnik and Shahrook Oomer

The movie stars Dedee Pfeiffer, Randall Batinkoff, Danny Woodburn, Josh Hammond, Christine Lakin and Jeff Fahey.


“Mind-controlled sharks get loose and kill a couple of people but mostly scare people […] The plot is bad but actually sort of works for me as far as crappy shark movies go. It’s the terrible CGI and complete lack of action that puts this one on the never-watch-again list.” Because the movies I watch are like this

“The movie’s writers can’t decide if this is supposed to be scary, a comedy or a thriller and so it doesn’t work on any of those levels. Blue Demon is one of the weakest killer shark movies ever made.”

Blue Demon is a comedy in spurts. I can’t really classify it as a full-on sharksploitation farce, because many of its aspects remain serious, including— oddly enough— the sharks. Still, the film has enough bizarre humor and surreal situations to set it aside in a class of its own. I’m frankly surprised that I’d never heard of this film prior to my journey through the world of sharksploitation; it belongs at the fringes of our mainstream cultural memory.The Creature Feature Bleachers

“An overall incredibly boring shark film with very few redeeming factors to help it along, it’s all been seen before, and the rating does it no help in trying to generate any kind of excitement or interest. Only see this if you’re afraid of sharks or need to see every one of them ever made…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

” Amazingly, these stupid sharks don’t catch a lot of their prey […] Overall, Blue Demon is a very lame attempt at some cheap shark thrills. It must be avoided. You don’t want this beast to inflict its pain on you.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

“I wish I could say that Jeff Fahey saves this abomination from its creators, but nothing can. This is a bad movie through and through. Blue Demon may be a horror-comedy, but it’s neither scary nor funny. The actors aren’t bad, but the characters are stale. There are serious pacing issues.” Tales of Terror

Cast and characters:

Dedee Pfeiffer … Marla Collins
Randall Batinkoff … Nathan Collins
Danny Woodburn … Lawrence Van Allen
Josh Hammond … Avery
Christine Lakin … Katie
Jeff Fahey … General Remora
Rachel Grodnik … Roxie
Whitney Sloan … Mercedes
Cricket Selna … Mel
Jana Kramer … Carrie
Angela Gots … Tanya
Fiona Gubelmann … Alice
Davey Thompson … Harry (as Dave Thompson)
Alex Barad … Gate MP
Evan Grayson … LC
Bennet Guillory … Norm
Galina Chtyrva … Tina
Gerald O’Donnell … Delivery Man
Andre Ware … MP
Andre Costa … Beach Cop
Raliegh Wilson … Ed (as Raleigh Wilson)
Scott Blackwood … Jimmy
Chelsea Ellis Bloch … Jen (as Chelsea Bloch)

Filming locations:

Los Angeles and Valencia, California

Technical details:

95 minutes


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