GNOMERCY (2019) Preview


‘Stay out of the garden’

Gnomercy is a 2019 Canadian micro-budget supernatural horror feature film about a killer gnome.

Written and directed by Mark White and Colin Jeffrey, the movie stars Duncan Milloy, Christina Roman, Jordan Krakower and Sonya Nagpal.


A late summer trip to the cottage turns into a bloodbath when a group of friends are stalked by an unlikely killer.


“With a kill count in the twenties, a lesbian love scene and more beer and drugs than even someone with tiger blood could handle, Gnomercy will introduce you to a new boogeyman!’It’s a violent, raw feature-film that has one of the highest kill counts by a debuting villain in horror movie history!”

Cast and characters:

  • Duncan Milloy … Andrew
  • Christina Roman … Pamela
  • Jordan Krakower … Jason
  • Sonya Nagpal … Mallory
  • John Tomac … Cop
  • Lydia Murphy … Michelle
  • Milana Hammoud … Tera
  • Nathan Boucher … Jeremy
  • Kyle Woods … Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Graeme Hay … Bird Watcher
  • Angela Woodard … Carrie
  • Jimmy Leblanc … Gnome / Football Player
  • Colin Jeffery … Football and Poker Player #1 (as Colin Jeffrey)
  • Mark White … Football and Poker Player #2
  • Ricardo Nates … House Party Guest #3

Filming locations:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

81 minutes
16:9 HD

Fun Facts:

It took seven years to complete the production of Gnomercy.


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