GAME OF DEATH (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘It’ll blow your mind’
Game of Death is a 2017 French-Canadian-American horror-themed feature film directed by Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace. The movie stars Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond and Emelia Hellman.

The synth score was composed by Julien Mineau.

Visual effects were handled by Alchemy 24 whilst Blood Brothers are providing the gory special effects.

Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the Game of Death. Unfortunately, seven millennials ignored that rule. Now each one’s head will explode unless they kill someone. Will they turn on each other to survive, or will this sunny day be the last for the innocent people of their middle-of-nowhere town?

“Should you watch it? Hey man, no judgments. There’s no real horror here; no anxiety, no foreboding, no creepiness, just straight-up gore and blood lust, plenty of both, and some gratuitous bikini shots thrown in. Perfect guilt-watch?” @ssholes Watching Movies

“Admittedly, Game of Death has a really cool premise. The problem is that even at a scant 74 minutes (including credits), Landry, Morias and co-writer Edouard Bond have trouble utilizing it to full effect. Rather than delve into the internal conflicts these characters may have over being forced to kill innocent people (or each other), Game of Death opts to go for the most surface-level of approaches.” Bloody Disgusting

” …the script never takes advantage of the numerous opportunities the brilliant concept provides. Directors Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace take much glee in the moments of gory dark humour, however, neglect to provide us with characters who we can truly revel in the carnage with.” Cinema Axis

” …Game of Death is a solid thriller populated by unlikable boobs and buffoons, and I can’t help but think with a better cast of characters this would have been a real winner.” Horror Fuel

“The scenario has a lot of oddities involved within it, including an incestuous brother-sister relationship and a retro-psychedelic love/killing segment that’ll have you reclining your head in awe and amusement at once […] Also, being only 74 minutes long, you know that the storyline and the killing have to get started rapidly, and they do. Everybody loves to watch obnoxious teens dying.”

Game is not as cleverly nostalgic as Beyond the Gate, but the old school solid-state design of the game itself looks spot-on. The retro animated interludes are also pretty cool. However, the real appeal of the film is its shamelessly over-the-top comedic gore. It clocks in under seventy-five minutes, but regular midnight movie patrons will still feel they got their money’s worth.” J.B. Spins

“An assault on the senses – at once grotesque and compelling – that showcases just how and why Canada is the home of genre filmmaking, Game of Death is a fantastic example of genre filmmaking as a metaphor. This is Natural Born Killers for Millenials, just as potent and just as powerful: offering comment on today’s vision of youth, societal views on violence, and the desensitzing of a generation.” Nerdly

” …when a film sets the gore stakes as high as Game of Death does from the word go, it’d damn well better have plenty more savage surprises up its sleeves if it hopes to keep its audience engaged. Well, this reviewer is happy to report that Baz and Seb just keep upping that ante and delivering the gruesome goods right up to the final reel!” Scream magazine

“As vigorously tasteless as it is in concept and tenor, Game of Death actually exercises a certain artful restraint in that most of its mayhem is implied (or only seen in gory aftermath) rather than graphically depicted. There’s a certain witty meta quality to the goings-on…” Variety

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