ONE WINTER NIGHT (2019) Reviews and overview

One Winter Night is a 2019 American horror feature film about an Orthodox Jewish mother and her daughters who fall prey to malevolent forces.

Written and directed by Ryan Callaway (The Darkness Outside; The Demon’s Waltz; Messenger of Wrath; The Yearly Harvest; The Girl in the Cornfield and sequel; et al).

The Shady Dawn Pictures production stars Breanna Engle, Brittini Schreiber, Ariella Mossey and Isabelle Zufferey Boulton.


“There are any number of filmmakers with more at their disposal than Callaway, but who do far less with what they’ve got. One Winter Night may not be perfect, even by micro-budget standards, but it does mark yet another significant step forward for one of the most interesting and distinctive auteurs in the world of “homemade horror” today.” Trash Film Guru

Cast and characters:

Breanna Engle … Maya Bloomfield
Brittini Schreiber … Leah Bloomfield
Ariella Mossey … Esther Bloomfield
Isabelle Zufferey Boulton … Naira
Cadence Ellissa … Julie Devlin
Genevieve Tarrant … Grace Farmer
Melania Zalipsky … Samantha
Hiram Ortiz … Sheriff Morales
Jennifer James Davies … Angela Farmer
Alex Santoleri … Nina
Tiffany Browne-Tavarez … Jin Maddison
Denise Engle … Jamie Devlin
Jessi Clayton … Detective Shaefer
Alan Strawser … Ethan
Robert Nicholson … Chris Farmer

Technical details:

130 minutes


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