THINGS 4 (2017) Preview of micro-budget alien invasion pic


Things 4 is a 2017 American science-fiction comedy-horror anthology feature film about invading things from outer space.

Written and directed by Dennis Devine (The Haunting of La Llorona; Alice in Murderland; Vampires of Sorority Row; Don’t Look in the Cellar) and Thera Min (who also co-stars), the Sterling Entertainment production also stars Andrea Martina (Vampire Club 3D), Kelly Erin Decker (Clown Motel Massacre; Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Predator World; et al) and Sally Mullins (Sawblade; Demon Kiss; Curse of Pirate Death).

Dennis Devine co-directed horror anthology movies Things in 1993 and Things II in 1998. Things 3: Old Things (also 1998) by Ron Ford is another horror anthology film that was retitled Deadly Tales.


Monsters are real, they came from outer space and they are here to destroy the world – unless we can stop them…

Cast and characters:

Andrea Martina … Doctor Red
Thera Min … Jane
Kelly Erin Decker … Amy
Sally Mullins … Sandy
Marlene McCohen … Melinda
Art Roberts … Doctor Fouley
Genna Mc’Cohen … Kim
Jeremiah Benjamin … Jane’s Mom
Cameron Brexler … Max
Kara Faro … Mel
Danny Filaccio … Danny
Emilie Hagen … Kristen
Georgie Halali … George
Maddie Hanson … Lisa
Chanell Heart … Chanell

Technical details:

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