DWELLERS (2021) Reviews and overview



Dwellers is a 2020 American found-footage horror feature film about homeless people going missing beneath a city’s streets.

Written, produced, edited, directed by and starring Drew Fortier (actor in Her Name Was Christa), the Ellefson Films production also stars James L. Edwards and Douglas Esper.


While shooting a documentary on the suspicious disappearances within the homeless community, a filmmaker and his crew go missing, thus uncovering a terrifying and vicious secret below the city’s surface…


“It’s clearly really low budget and shot on the cheap, but the found footage angle covers that nicely. I do find it hard to believe they were down there for days and never found a single way out […] I went into this not thinking much of the premise, but it’s really very good.” The Horror Guys

Dwellers is a fun, terrifying found footage movie. It has a little bit of everything. Drew added the comedic relief and the fact that you don’t entirely know what type of monster is in the sewer. (The song that plays during the credits is great.) Drew did a good job with Dwellers.” Horror News

“It’s clear that Dwellers is a labor of love and working within some stringent limitations makes me appreciate the end result more. Drew, Doug, and James have good chemistry, with a few funny moments giving me the notion that these guys are friends in real life. With a sh*t load of cameos, It may be safe to say this is the heavy metal edition of The Blair Witch Project.” JoBlo

“Apart from being a monster film without much of a monster, Dwellers also suffers from looking like it was all shot in the same few feet of tunnel. And most of the homeless that we meet are remarkably clean and well dressed. Worst of all, the constant cutting back to and from the interrogation room breaks any sort of mood the footage in the tunnel manages to establish.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Drew Fortier … Drew
James L. Edwards … James
Douglas Esper … Doug
Rick Jermain … Detective Jenkins
Dustin Boltjes … Boogeyman
Jeff Hatrix … Serious Hobo
Tharasa DiMeo … Sewer Hobo
Robert A. Coldicott … Crazy Hobo
Frederick Husar … Diesel
Steve Hergina … Creepy Hobo
Mitch Lafon … Mitch Lafon
Joe Placzkowski … Angry Hobo
William S. Tribell … Cracker Jack
Omar Baig … Hazmat #2
David Bachmeier … Drunk Hobo


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