SWIPERIGHT (2020) Preview with trailer


‘Be matched or murdered’

Swiperight aka #Swiperight is a 2020 British horror feature film about a murderer preying on a group of girl dancers.

Written and directed by Jane Sanger, the Lumino Films movie stars Sophie Ward (Book of Blood; Waxwork II: Lost in Time; The Monk), Toyah Willcox (Invasion Planet Earth; Point of Death), Jenny Wu and Daniel Moore.


When a group of girl dancers discover boys on the new dating app Swiperr they hold a party for them all before they begin rehearsals for a dance competition and inadvertently let a murderer into their midst.

One by one, the girls disappear and the kidnapper/murderer leaves only dead crows and cryptic clues in their place. The girls must fight to unravel the clues and escape the murderer…

Cast and characters:

  • Sophie Ward … Ada March
  • Toyah Willcox … Doctor Bennett
  • Jenny Wu … Suki
  • Daniel Moore … PC Ferris
  • Dean Kilbey … Lt Green
  • David Thackeray … Luke
  • Ellie Bindman … Jodie
  • Clair Gleave … Harper
  • Melissa de Winter … Madison
  • Elliot Morris … Mark aged Nine
  • Ben Huish … Mark aged Fourteen
  • Elliott Rogers … Rob
  • Liam Rock … Dom
  • Libby Braidwood … Madison aged Eight
  • Tegan Skye Davidson … Schoolgirl

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