SACREN (2019) Reviews and overview


Sacren is a 2019 American home invasion horror feature film about a young couple terrorised by a masked trio of strangers.

Directed by Alexander Henderson from a screenplay co-written with Curtis McGann (who also stars) and Kelsi Umeko, the Atrocity Pictures production also stars Kelsi Umeko, Adam Nakanishi, Jon Palms and Sandra Scragg.


A young couple named Kate and David leaves a hospital after suffering the loss of their unborn baby. As they return back to their isolated house by a lake, strange masked lunatics start toying with them; leaving Kate and David with no other way to escape… but to run.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“If the film had picked one idea and ran with it, or integrated the elements better it might have had a chance. But the constant changing of plotting and styles along with the random use of slow motion and other effects kill it. Sacren never comes together or feels like a whole film.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Curtis McGann … David McDonald
  • Kelsi Umeko … Kate McDonald
  • Adam Nakanishi … Ezekiel Fisher
  • Jon Palms … Malachai Fisher
  • Sandra Scragg … Rachel Fisher

Filming locations:

Anacortes, Washington