PARANORMAL FARM 2: CLOSER TO THE TRUTH (2018) Reviews and not recommended


Paranormal Farm 2: Closer to the Truth is a 2018 British found footage horror feature film about continuing strange occurrences at the same isolated farm.

Written, directed by and starring Carl Medland (The Spiritualist), the movie also stars Lucy French, Robert Gray and Darren Earl Williams. It is obviously a sequel to Medland’s Paranormal Farm (2017).


“There is a triumphant, outsider art glow to both Farms, shining like the phantasmagorical radiance of the films’ night-vision sequences, capturing eerie things like the evil glare of a pony’s eye. It is rare to watch something so brilliantly (accidentally?) weird, and so faithfully sinister, too.” The Movie Waffler

“This film was a real joy to watch […] to really create the illusion of this time around things being real, things have to seem…real. That means for well over an hour of this nearly one hour 50 minutes film nothing scary happens at all.” The Rotting Zombie

” …it’s a very honest film, one that reveals its own tricks and talks about how scenes are staged, but rolls it all into a storyline that might be a bit on the slow-burning side, but that’s also pretty engaging…” Search My Trash

Technical details:

108 minutes

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