13 FANBOY (2021) Reviews and overview of meta slasher


‘Some fans love you to death.’

13 Fanboy is a 2021 American slasher horror film co-produced and directed by Deborah Voorhees (who, as an actress, appeared in Appointment with Fear; Friday the 13th: A New Beginning; Innocent Prey) from a screenplay co-written with Joel Paul Reising.

The Voorhees Film-Be Your Own Hollywood production stars Corey Feldman, Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Judie Aronson, Lar Park-Lincoln, Deborah Voorhees, C.J. Graham and Gabrielle Stone.


Former actors from the Friday the 13th movie franchise are hunted by a real-life homicidal psychopath who doesn’t understand that it’s all make-believe…



“Better than expected. Just a fun premise that was executed fairly decently.” *** Capt Chop

” …unlike the Scream films at their best, 13 Fanboy is terrible on its own merits as a serial-killer thriller, with atrocious editing that blunts every potentially interesting kill and a mix of murder motivations that don’t work at all in combination. Plus you’ve got Corey Feldman as a sleazy producer allowed to over-act to a risible degree.” City Weekly

” …13 Fanboy was a decent slasher that definitely earned extra goodwill from me due to the fact that it’s populated with Friday the 13th stars […] It’s a celebration of the Friday the 13th franchise while also being its own separate thing, and it was sort of heartwarming to see all these F13 actors again, together in one place. Heartwarming right up until the “fanboy” made a bloody mess of them.” JoBlo

“A tinge of reality can’t help but seep its way into the narrative, even amongst the campier over-the-top elements […] Wallace is given the majority of the dramatic heft and tackles it with an emotional but level-headed approach […] It may be only just slightly over an hour and a half, yet even at this length, I feel it should be been trimmed down a bit…” Josh at the Movies


13 Fanboy was released theatrically in the USA in select locations, at drive-ins and On-Demand on October 22, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Corey Feldman … Mike Merryman
Dee Wallace … Self
Kane Hodder … Kane
Judie Aronson … Judie
Lar Park-Lincoln … Lar
Deborah Voorhees … Deborah
C.J. Graham … C.J.
Gabrielle Stone … Gabrielle Stone
Jennifer Banko … Jennifer
Tracie Savage … Tracie
Ron Sloan … Ron
Vincente DiSanti … Vincente
Alexis Capozzi … Abby
Debra Sullivan … Detective Lori Evans
Caslin Rose … Kristi Fontenot
Timothy Skyler Dunigan … Bill K. Kenney
Hayley Greenbauer … Kelsie Voorhees
Drew Leighty … Chris
Becka Rose … Regina MacAllister (credit only)
Jason Bradford … Troy / Jayson Voorhees (V.O.)
Neely Heil … Sara (as Neely Martin Heil)
Leslie Fleming-Mitchell … Director
Taylor Lance Rodriguez … Scott Wallace (as Taylor Rodriguez)
William Dixon … Orlando Rodriguez
Ken Slate … Matt Sohn
Christopher W. Norris … Jimmy the Janitor

Technical details:

99 minutes


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