ALIEN 2 ON EARTH (1980) Reviews of Italian sci-fi horror

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Alien 2: On Earth is a 1980 Italian science fiction horror film about a group of spelunkers attacked by aliens. It was also released as Alien Terror

Directed and produced by Ciro Ippolito (as Sam Cromwell) plus Biagio Proietti [uncredited] (Sound; co-writer of The Black Cat; The Killer Reserved Nine Seats) from a screenplay by the Ippolito, the movie stars Belinda Mayne, Mark Bodin, Roberto Barrese and Benedetta Fantoli.

The bizarre yet strangely captivating soundtrack score was composed pseudonymously by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (A Blade in the Dark; Killer Fish; Torso) as Oliver Onions.

A spaceship lands back on Earth after a failed mission. Shockingly, the astronauts have been replaced by hideous creatures that can penetrate people’s bodies and make them explode.

A group of cave explorers are attacked by the monsters inside an underground cave but the survivors are in for a surprise when they finally manage to escape the trap…

“There is no denying that Alien 2 on Earth is an awful film. Even by it’s so good, it’s bad standard. And yet there is something oddly compelling about this celluloid abomination.” 10K Bullets

“This is a fun film, was incredibly rare, but completely sucks. Some of the cast went on to work with Fulci, D’Amato, Bava and the other great Italians, but that isn’t saying much. The worst part is that Ippolito is just so awful at most everything the film is a better comedy than a horror film.” Cinema Head Cheese

” …Alien 2 – On Earth is a splendid little grim flick most likely inspired by Scott’s Alien, but definitely not a rip-off or an “Italian sequel”. This is a very potent movie that stands sternly on its own two legs. Has a decent cast, uses some good themes, and packs a great soundtrack.” Cinezilla 

“There are unnecessary close-ups of eyes and the synthesizer soundtrack sounds like every other Italian horror movie. The gore and nudity aren’t impressive, but they are trotted out in a very nonchalant manner. And, as with Fulci’s best-known works, logic has no place in Alien 2 On Earth. In other words, this is a feast for fans of the genre.” DVD Sleuth

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