Dracula Blows His Cool – West Germany, 1979 – reviews


Dracula Blows His Cool – original title: Graf Dracula in Oberbayern and Graf Dracula (beißt jetzt) in Oberbayern on publicity material – is a 1979 German comedy horror feature film written and directed by Carl Schenkel [as Carlo Ombra]. It has also been released as Dracula 2000; Hotel Drakula and Dracula Sucks (not to be confused with the 1978 movie of the same name).

The movie stars Gianni Garko (as both Stan, the hero, and Count Dracula), Betty Vergès, Bea Fiedler, Giacomo Rizzo, Ralf Wolter and Linda Grondier. It was made in quick response to the success of American comedy movie Love at First Bite (it took nearly $44 million at the US box office) but was not released in the USA until 1982.



Stan (Garko), a magazine photographer takes his models to a Bavarian castle and they encounter his vampiric great-grandfather (also Garko)…


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” …this movie is basically just a pretence for stupid comedy. We get a bunch of silly characters making faces or reacting to silly things.” Mondo Bizarro


“Whilst the film missed the mark severely there was one interesting moment of social satire when Stan discovers the truth and uses the vampires as a tourist lure, turning the castle into a hotel and having people pay to be bitten. It took the vampires and made them the victim of the socio-political vampirism of capitalism. There is even a line about if they had a vampire union they could collective bargain better terms and conditions. It was, however, too little too late.” Taliesen Meets the Vampires

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