TOKOLOSHE: AN AFRICAN CURSE (2020) Reviews and overview


‘The fear is real’

Tokoloshe: An African Curse is a 2020 South African horror film about a demon that haunts people’s dreams and possesses them to commit evil acts. It is also known as Tokoloshe: The Calling

Directed by Richard Green from a screenplay co-written with Arish Sirkissoon, the LX Seth production stars Angela Balkovic, Rubendra Govender, Sanjay Laljith and Lloyd Grant O’Connor.


Arish Vema (Arish Sirkissoon), a successful writer and media personality, takes his new, designer family to an abandoned hotel in the Transkei to finish his much-anticipated follow-up novel. He is accompanied by his white wife Angela and their adopted Zulu daughter, Ntombi.

At the hotel, strange things start to happen which leave the family at a loss. It is revealed that the hotel has a dark past in which many murders were carried out since its establishment in 1808. There are rumours that this evil stems from the land being cursed since it was stolen from its native people. The hotel contains an ominous door that the family are afraid to enter.

Meanwhile, in a city nearby, Thembi, a high school teacher, is experiencing strange visions and dreams which link her back to a gruesome past at the same hotel. Something seems to be “calling” her back to the hotel for unfinished business. She seeks the professional help of Doctor Richards a well-known psychologist…


“The film is shot in a very confusing style that seems to jump around randomly in time. There are also seemly random shots of people and items. Once it’s explained it makes sense and also reminded me of The Shining […] But overall it’s just slow-moving and derivative.” Voices from the Balcony


Tokoloshe: An African Curse was released on Amazon Prime USA on February 14, 2020.

Cast and characters:

Angela Balkovic … Angelina Verma
Rubendra Govender … Mr Shetty
Sanjay Laljith
Lloyd Grant O’Connor … Lloyd O Hara
Neerusha Oogorah … Mrs Shetty
Shezi Sibongiseni … Thembi
Arish Sirkissoon … Arish Verma
Roelof Twijnstra … Mr Kurts
Lwandile Xaba … Ntombi Verma

Filming locations:

Durban, South Africa


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