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Mega Crocodile is a 2019 Chinese science fiction horror film about the titular beast that inhabits Hell Island.

Directed by Fugui from a screenplay written by Shi Chao, the movie stars Li Guangbin, Guo Xiwen, Chen Linsheng and Guan Xiangyun.

A prequel set in the 19th century, Mega Crocodile 2, was released on November 23, 2022.

Luo Han ((Li Guangbin), a crocodile research expert who lives abroad, is entrusted by wealthy businesswoman Kong Mingzhu to go to Hell Island, which is brimming with crocodiles, to find her brother Confucius.

After fighting off leeches, man-eating plants and “singing” bugs, they find a secret experimental base.

After Confucius is found, Luo Han uses his plan to kill the giant mutant crocodile that has escaped from the experimental base…

“As well as the title creature, there are a couple of interesting ideas here, which mean the film doesn’t have to rely on just a big reptile for the entire 85-minute running time. That’s probably wise on a couple of levels, not the least of which is the poor quality of the CGI on the mega croc. It seems to have the shade and texture of a toy bought from a dollar store, and about the same degree of articulation.” Rating: C- Film Blitz

” …Mega Crocodile is actually entertaining in an odd sort of way. With subtitles that are stilted and full of typos, it’s one of those films that’s just so messed up that it’s fun. I’ll certainly take more like this over preachy epics like The Wandering Earth.” Voices from the Balcony

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