Case-347 – USA, 2020 – preview with YouTube review

Case-347 is a 2020 American found footage science fiction horror feature film about a young woman who uncovers disturbing facts at Roswell.

Written, directed by and starring Chris Wax (making his feature debut), the Rotten Whiskey Productions movie also stars Maya Stojan (The Prometheus Project), Jason Kropik and Krista Allen (The Final Destination).


Psychologist and UFO sceptic Doctor Mia Jansen joins forces with two documentary filmmakers who set out to prove alien abduction claims are a form of “mass hysteria”, but during their research, unexplainable events begin and the entire crew goes missing…

Cast and characters:

  • Maya Stojan … Doctor Mia Jansen
  • Chris Wax … Charlie Cera
  • Jason Kropik … Rex McDunn
  • Krista Allen … Carol
  • Richard Gilliland … Gustaf Berchum
  • Michael Monks … Doctor Thomas Jansen
  • Michael Galante … Alejandro Luna
  • Kayla Madison … BEK
  • Edward Finlay … Gary
  • Julia Vera … Socorro Luna
  • Lee Wesley … Sam Green (orderly) (as Jerrell Lee)
  • Shawn-Caulin Young … Siggy Berchum
  • Johnny Dowers … Rod Taylor
  • Frantz Turner … Doctor Williams
  • Gabriela Garcia … Sophia Luna

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