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The Woman is being released in the USA on Blu-ray on May 15, 2020, by Arrow Video. The film has been newly restored in 4K, supervised by director Lucky McKee. Special features:

Audio commentary with director Lucky McKee, editor Zach Passero, sound designer Andrew Smetek, and composer Sean Spillane (new)
Audio commentary with actress Pollyanna McIntosh (new)
Audio commentary with film critic Scott Weinberg (new)
Audio commentary with director Lucky McKee
Dad on the Wall – 75-minute behind-the-scenes documentary filmed by director Lucky McKee’s father, Mike McKee (new)
Interview with Lauren Ashley Carter (new)
Malam Domesticam – Making-of featurette
Meet The Makers – Making-of featurette
Deleted scenes
Mi Burro – Short film
“Distracted” music video by Sean Spillane
2011 Frightfest Panel with indie horror filmmakers Lucky McKee, Andrew van den Houten, Larry Fessenden, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Ti West
Theatrical trailers
Image galleries
New cover art by Vanessa McKee with original artwork on the reverse

Meanwhile, Arrow Video’s UK limited edition release of The Woman also includes the 2009 Offspring, in the same package. Released on 18th May 2020. Order from

Here is our previous coverage of the movie:

The Woman 2

‘Hell hath no fury…’
The Woman is a 2011 American horror feature film co-written and directed by Lucky McKee (Tales of Halloween; All Cheerleaders DieThe Woods); it is a sequel to the 2009 film Offspring written by Jack Ketchum. The movie stars Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Carlee Baker, Alexa Marcigliano, and introducing Zach Rand and Shyla Molhusen.

In 2019, actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays The Woman, directed a further sequel, Darlin’.

When lawyer and proud family man Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers: Deadwood) stumbles across a wild, feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh: Burke and Hare) bathing in a woodland stream near his isolated country home, he makes a decision that will dramatically change both their lives.

Capturing her, Chris chains The Woman up in the fruit cellar below his house, intending to tame and ‘civilize’ her. But when the task at hand proves to be more difficult than first imagined, he sets in motion a collision course for a brutal showdown between his family and the wild female force of nature…

“A harrowing and often darkly hilarious horror satire about family values, feminism, and the nature of violence from the twisted minds of Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum. A true find at Sundance for all fans who love gore and the twisting of Americana…” Film School Rejects

The Woman is the kind of thrilling filmmaking you only get from low budget endeavors; nothing is being vetted or okayed, there is never the feeling of a suit’s hand on the director’s shoulder. This movie, with a handful of electrifying performances and a wicked sense of humor, is a direct message from the twisted hearts of Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum.” Badass Digest

The Woman

“Part horror movie, and part character driven story, it really defies all categorization, which I usually find to be an asset to a film. The three leading performances are top notch and the best part of the movie. I think it was trying to be too many things and because of that it felt a little disjointed.” DVD Verdict

“There is jet black humour to be found, as in all of McKee’s film work, but it’s mostly just harrowing. Kudos to the makeup effects work of Robert Kurtzman for the heart-munching, face-eating, child-killing climactic carnage, with characters both odious and sympathetic perishing in equally gruesome ways. And particular praise is due to Bridgers, Bettis and the astonishing McIntosh for their fearless performances.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

Woman Blu

The Woman is a yowling war cry against toxic masculinity. Sly humor ghoulishly undercuts its macho man and his self-importance. But the violent impact of his toxic masculinity is never a joke, its graveness captured by the gore and the fraught close-ups of the harrowed heroines. Then at this wild film’s center is McIntosh, a force of nature, savage, resilient, and captivating.” Syfy Wire

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