ABOMINABLE (2019) Reviews and overview

‘It wasn’t supposed to exist’

Abominable is a 2019 American horror feature film about a research team that discovers the Himalayan Yeti is real.

Directed by Jamaal Burden (Elves) and produced by Justin Price (director of The Mummy Rebirth; Alien: Reign of Man; The 13th Friday), the Pikchure Zero production stars Robert Berlin.


A research team embarks on a journey to obtain a plant that can advance medical research by centuries. While stumbling upon clues of the previous expedition, they discover that a Yeti creature lurks within the Himalayan mountains and will do anything to protect its terrain…


The most obvious observation about this movie is its title being massively unimaginative. It can’t have escaped the filmmakers’ notice that there was also a multi-million dollar animated Disney comedy film of the same name released in 2019. And another horror entry from 2006 also called just Abominable – which at least featured some genre veterans.

So, did they think to differentiate their production by adding a word or two to Abominable? Say, call it Yeti’s Bloodlust or something more distinctive? Hell no, just keep it simple and therefore almost likely no-one will discover it.

Jamaal Burden previously directed Elves (2018), a cheapjack flick that was almost universally – and rightly – reviled by reviewers. So, expectations for Abominable were not high, to say the least. However, despite an over-abundance of silly technobabble early on and a general lack of directorial or editing flourishes, this is a passable time-waster.

Some agreeably gory killings by Joe Castro are welcome and the yeti costume is at least better than in abominations such as Mark Polonia‘s insultingly threadbare Frozen Sasquatch (2018). Better still, the movie runs a mere 72 minutes which means there is no filler and we can all move on swiftly to something a tad more palatable. Yeti from 2008 is a better option but this abominable snowman is at least worth a shivery look and laugh if you are desperate.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

PS. Abominable has been very obviously upvoted on IMDb so ignore its fake rating there.

Other reviews:

“Kept to a swift sub 75-minute runtime, Abominable doesn’t out stay its welcome and doesn’t disappoint. The gory action certainly keeps you coming back for more, even when the story and performances don’t.” Nerdly

“Kudos to them for finally putting out the cash for some solid effects, that is a major step up. But the script for Abominable lives up to its name. It’s filled with jaw-dropping stupidity and cliches. That includes the guy who’s only there to prove he’s the ultimate Alpha Male by killing a Yeti. The dialogue he spouts had me howling in laughter, which I doubt was the intent.” Voices from the Balcony


Abominable is released on DVD and Digital by Uncork’d Entertainment on April 14, 2020.

Technical details:

72 minutes



One Comment on “ABOMINABLE (2019) Reviews and overview”

  1. Bad. Just plain bad! The yeti costume was an old planet of the apes rubber mask with the body made of some old bit of coat lining some wino had discarded. There wasn’t even enough fur on the body to even suggest this creature could survive even a nippy fall, let alone a sub zero winter.

    I think they spent more money on corn syrup and red food coloring than anything else.
    Plot had more holes than swiss cheese.. How did they get there that they had such problems getting back out? Who built the damn house they used as a base? Why was there trim molding on the walls of this camp? Did somebody actually carry strips of trimming back into the woods? (notice midway between wall and floor, the strip of trim going around the room)
    The acting.. OH MY GOD.. It sounded like a group of 2nd graders reading aloud for the teacher!!!
    Abomination? A “Yeti” plant? Even the aforementioned 2nd graders could come up with better than a “yeti” plant.
    Where did Amazon find this GARBAGE!!! I have literally seen university student film projects that were better than this!!!!

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