TRANSFERENCE (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Escape the dark’

Transference is a 2020 Canadian science-fiction feature film about a young man who must protect his twin sister who possesses paranormal abilities.

Directed by Matthew Ninaber and written and co-produced by Jennifer Lloyd, Aaron Tomlin and Ninaber, the movie stars Tomlin, Ethan Mitchell, Jeremy Ninaber and Melissa Joy Boerger. It is based on Ninaber’s 2015 short of the same name.


Twelve-year-old Joshua is charged with the protection of his twin sister when their father dies. However, she possesses a special ability and his greatest challenge will not be keeping her safe but keeping her hidden.

Twenty years later, Joshua is struggling to cope with the events of his childhood and the choices he has made since. Out of desperation, he places Emma in a psychiatric compound against her will. Joshua is driven to the world of illegal bare-knuckle fighting to maintain their secret.

Unfortunately, he cannot earn enough to hide their past and someone has followed their trail of destruction. When a sinister visitor attempts to remove Emma from his care, Joshua comes to the most important realization he can make for himself, his sister and the world…


Transference was released by Epic Pictures theatrically in Los Angeles on March 6th, is now on VOD, and is released on Blu-ray on March 24th.


Transference is as dull and forgettable as its characters and really doesn’t offer the audience any surprises. A little character development and bonding between the characters may have helped, but as far as the story goes, nobody should really care.” BRWC

Transference’s final shot is one of genuine greatness. It combines a legitimate “cool” factor with an earned bit of humor and it made me wonder where that was the entire time. At only 85 minutes, the film is mercilessly brief, but it certainly does manage to drag on.” Cultured Vultures

“Though difficult to enjoy, Transference isn’t a fatal failure. With some heavy editing and restraint, the work of the creatives on the project could absolutely deliver quality filmmaking. Shedding any sense of glibness, there is promise here, and with a big red pen, this team could make something exciting.” Daily Dead

“Less skyscraper smashing and more domestic drama, but peppered with some serious smackdowns and a healthy dose of telekinesis. Though it can be tough to track at times, Transference is an attractive, competent film that’s looking to shake up some dusty genre conventions.” Killer Horror Critic

“The editing is the real winner in Transference. It’s skillfully crafted back and forth keeps the storytelling intriguing. Just when you think you’re following the plot, it flips the switch. What is real and what is imagined is up to the audience. Matthew Ninaber has given is an engrossing sci-fi.” Reel News Daily

” …plenty of action, the movie’s strong on atmosphere, and it’s got a nice mystery feel to it that keeps one guessing throughout. And of course, interesting and relatable characters embodied by a very able cast don’t hurt one bit either to turn this into very enjoyable genre entertainment.” Search My Trash

“The script is so jumbled and poorly constructed it’s hard to tell what’s going on at any point in the film. The fact the film almost randomly goes from here and now to flashback to hallucination doesn’t help. The lack of sympathetic leads just adds to this.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Matthew Ninaber … Father
  • Tony Nash … Derek
  • Jeremy Ninaber … Joshua
  • Melissa Joy Boerger … Emma
  • Eamon Hanson … Young Joshua
  • Rikki Wright … Blaze
  • Aaron Tomlin … Malcolm
  • Justin Moses … Cop #1
  • Ethan Mitchell … Doug
  • Matt Daciw … Fighter #1
  • Jehan Hashim … Amanda
  • Marlo Milstone … Young Emma
  • Gary Kirkham … Priest
  • Mel Kobe … Mourner / Ward Attendant
  • Brian Otto … Landlord

Technical details:

88 minutes

Original title:

Transference: Escape the Dark

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