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The Zombie King is a 2013 British horror comedy film directed by Aidan Belizaire from a screenplay by actor George McCluskey (Jacob’s Hammer; Knight of the Dead), based on a story by Jennifer Chippindale and Rebecca-Clare Evans. Also know as King of the Dead

The movie stars Edward Furlong (Brainscan; Arachnoquake) and Corey Feldman (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter; Bordello of Blood), George McCluskey, David McClelland, Michael Gamarano (Backslasher). The film’s initial title was apparently Ed Wallace and the Z Team.


Having received several international releases, the film was released on DVD in the UK on October 26, 2015, by High Fliers Films.


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Samuel Peters (Edward Furlong), once an ordinary man, dabbles in the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave. He soon encounters the God of malevolence, Kalfu (Corey Feldman), and makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth. In return, he will become the Zombie King and walk the earth for eternity with his late wife.


But as the growing horde of zombies begins to wipe out a countryside town, the government creates a perimeter around the town and employs a shoot-on-sight policy. Trapped within the town, the locals, an unlikely bunch of misfits, must fight for their lives and unite in order to survive…


“I can’t, in all honesty, recommend The Zombie King, despite some nice performances and a fair number of good jokes […] It should be obvious that in 85 minutes (less titles and credits) there simply isn’t room to get to know 14 named characters (including Mrs Peters), especially while also explaining a completely new rationale behind the creation and destruction of zombies.” Cult films and the people who make them

“Overall, The Zombie King has some shining moments. Our trio of misfit heroes steals the show with their witty banter and a nice blend of comedy and violence. But the show is stolen from them by uninteresting characters, ambiguous storyline, and forced dialogue.” Horror Buzz

“There are numerous gags and genre references, but unfortunately only about half of them land and only a select few land well. The jokes may be a little trite, but aren’t necessarily bad; the actors just have trouble pulling them off […] Furlong barely acts at all, delivering all his lines as if he’s halfway through reading a driving manual. Feldman, on the other hand takes his role to ridiculous extremes.” More Brains



” …helped by a bunch of likeable, funny and in the genre context unusual characters with backstories that defie genre traditions. And a certain light-footedness in both narrative and directorial approach help to keep things flowing smoothly throughout and have not only all the scares but all the laughs in the right places.” Search My Trash

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