THE ARCHIVIST (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Where the past is forbidden, memories are treason.’

The Archivist is a 2020 American science-fiction Western film about a loner wanting to escape government restrictions and his past.

Directed by Eric Hand, who also co-stars, from a screenplay co-written by Bo Gardner, the Lost Highyway Films production stars Jennifer Giles, Steve Aaron and Kendall Moody.


In the year 2070, Caulder Benson is a government archivist officer charged by an increasingly invasive and restrictive regime to destroy all elements and remnants of his society’s self-indulgent and avaricious past. He has a license to use whatever means necessary to fulfil his duty. His reputation for success is unparalleled; his unorthodox methods, deadly.

A loner, Caulder keeps to himself, passing his days in a city bombarded with commercial and political propaganda further enforcing ideals he loathes. He dreams of a world beyond the city, free of restriction, unencumbered by obligation. However, he has a secret that could destroy him and alter the future of mankind…


“It’s a film meant to fully look like it was made in 1972, and it damn sure does […] Plain and simple, The Archivist is not just smartly made but lovingly thought as well. You can’t hide passion, folks. It’s the magic ingredient […] The whole aesthetic is a rich, 35mm treat that’s paired with a sensibility that hits that perfect note of being just cooky enough.” Get On My Damn Level

“Director Eric Hand and co-writer Bo Gardner have created a near-future dystopia where strange characters clash violently between bouts of hallucinations and philosophical dialogue […] This was an incredibly ambitious project pulled off by some very dedicated people. It’s the kind of thing that makes me have hope for the future of film.” Voices from the Balcony

“Opening with an exciting, no-nonsense first act and concluding with an engrossing and quietly moving finale, The Archivist is smart, accomplished, tonally flawless, and consistently captivating entertainment. It is guaranteed to thrill both cinephiles and casual viewers alike. The action scenes are retro excellence.” A Word of Dreams

Cast and characters:

Jennifer Giles … Mother / Agent Pope
Steve Aaron … His Excellency
Kendall Moody … Hoochie
Eric Hand … Caulder Benson
Marc Bowerman … Colonel
Nico Johnston … Young Angus
Sam Hand … Sam McBain
Craig Hand … Levi-Man of God
Trish Kurowski … TV Reporter
Emmett Corbin … Colonel Boaz
Butch Thompson … DB Cooper
Dale Shumate … Angus

Filming locations:

Southwest Georgia and Nevada, USA

Technical details:

109 minutes




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