SPACE (2020) Reviews and overview [updated]


Space is a 2020 American science fiction feature film about a group of astronauts stranded in deep space after an accident.

Written, co-produced, co-edited and directed by Monte Light (Blood Covered Chocolate; 2 Die For (segment ‘Woman Scorned’) based on a storyline by Cooper Holmes, the American Courtyard Productions-Seawolf Cinema production stars Lara Jean Sullivan, Kurt Quinn, Justin M. Terry, Michael Klug and James R. Hilton.


In the year 2050, Doctor Ada Gray and her fellow astronauts aboard The Udo fight for survival after an accident leaves them stranded in deep space…


” …if it seems that the actors are inept, they’re not: the staring/talking into the cameras is part of the film’s narrative […] Sure, you can nitpick Space apart into stardust, but when one considers the non-budget Light worked with, the cinematography, set design, and limited CGI (for the ship’s exteriors) is top-notch.” B&S About Movies

Space is a good movie for those who like to dig deeper into the story. There isn’t a lot of action, and because of the filming format used, the action is usually condensed to the expressions and limited actions of the characters. At times the pacing felt slow, but the overall impact works.” Guild Master Gaming

“Let’s start with the cast, all of whom are pretty solid performers, but the stand-out for your’s cruelly was the aforementioned Lara Jean Sullivan who carries the picture with an engaging performance that adds a ton of heart and soul to a picture that has plenty to spare! […] Also of note are the creative uses of limited sets and the utilization of strong costuming skills…” Horror Fuel

“The special effects cannot be faulted, however, given the film’s budget. What sets Space apart from other indie science fiction films is the casting. Even with the aforementioned problems, the cast’s commitment to the material brings emotional weight to the narrative and ultimately saves the film.” Horror Buzz

“Despite the criticism and budget constraints, the actors did fine, and it’s mostly the script that seems to be lacking rarely giving the characters room for any logical form of character development and soon after the movie starts they end up mostly yelling and being annoyed by each other. What comes across most, despite the aptitude of the actors themselves is the complete ineptitude of the characters.” Mark’s Remarks

Space is a pretty intense and also pretty unusual outer space thriller […] it makes perfect sense that it’s mostly shot found-footage style via fixed “onboard cameras” instead of drawing attention to the cinematography. And a tight script and solid cast really make this work as a really cool work of low budget science fiction.” Search My Trash

Space is low-key as thrillers go, set almost entirely in the spaceship; it’s more akin to Claire Denis’s 2018 space drama High Life. There are no space battles or spacewalks; our ideas of what is happening outside the Udo come mainly from the ship’s monitors. The films limitations are felt, but the filmmakers had a budget to build great interiors for the Udo that bring to mind the UK comedy series Red Dwarf.” Tom Holland’s Terror Time

Cast and characters:

Lara Jean Sullivan … Doctor Ada Gray (as Lara Jean)

Kurt Quinn … Evan Durand

Quincy Grace … Emily

Len Kabasinski … Control

Michael Klug … Phil King

Justin Michael Terry … Mitch ‘The Bitch’ Poe

Kat Sheridan … Computer

Ellysa Rose … Zara

Ria Gaudioso … News Anchor

Jim Hilton … Tom ‘Tomcat’ McMahon (as James R. Hilton)

Technical details:

93 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 1.85: 1

Audio: Dolby Digital


$11,000 (estimated)