THE UNBORN (2020) Reviews and overview


‘It’s time to deliver’

The Unborn is a 2020 American horror feature film about a pregnant young female security guard who must confront an evil entity and protect her offspring.

Directed by Tal Lazar (cinematographer on Every Time I Die) from a screenplay written by Danny Matier the movie stars Manni L. Perez, Chris Bellant, Brian David Tracy and Clifton Samuels. The Unborn was produced by Doctor David M. Milch, Tal Lazar, Phil Newsom, Ohad Ashkenazi and Assaf Mor.


Tiffany (Manni L. Perez) is a twenty-five-year-old security guard who rushes to work to discuss a shocking discovery with her boyfriend — she is pregnant.

Upon arrival at the factory scheduled for demolition, Tiffany starts a night shift along with her colleague, Joey (Chris Bellant), who is secretly in love with her.

Several bizarre occurrences unfold as the two security guards must come to terms with reality while a mysterious evil entity has other plans for them both.

It soon becomes the responsibility of Tiffany alone to confront the mysterious attacker and save Joey, herself, and her unborn child…


DVD and North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on May 1, 2020.


” …the most that can be said about The Unborn is that it is genuinely fun. While the more sloppy moments do take away from the experience, I found myself smiling and actually taken back by some of the more spooky moments. This is clearly a movie with a vision and a team that cared about making it, but somewhere some wires got crossed in the tone.” Horror Buzz

“In a slow thought-out manner, the plot drags from a suspenseful thriller to more of a morbid fixation on the “unborn.” […] The ending of this one made me shake my head. You will have to hold onto your seat and grit your teeth to get through it and you’ll see the twisted play of the concept of being “unborn.” Irish Film Critic

“The biggest issue I had with The Unborn is, while we get an idea of what is going on, a lot of the how and why is very vague. A bit more detail would have been helpful. Granted it could also have done with a better, and more original, ending. But overall The Unborn is a creepy and effective way to pass seventy minutes.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Manni L. Perez … Tiffany
Chris Bellant … Joey
Brian David Tracy … Doctor Thatcher
Clifton Samuels … Henry
Jesse R. Tendler … Mick
J. Richey Nash … Carl
Asher Edgecliffe-Johnson … Thatcher’s Son
Dameka Hayes … Natalie
Carys McGrory … Thatcher’s Daughter
Deborah Stile … Irene Thatcher

Production companies:

MiLa Media
Giant Hunter Media
Mor Productions


Not to be confused with The Unborn (2009) written and directed by David S. Goyer or The Unborn (1991) directed by Rodman Flender.

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