THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN (1966) Reviews and overview

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‘Beyond wildest dreams!’

The Wild World of Batwoman is a 1966 American science fiction superhero comedy feature film written, produced, directed and edited by Jerry Warren (Face of the Screaming Werewolf; Creature of the Walking Dead; Teenage Zombies; et al). The movie stars Katherine Victor (House of the Black Death; Curse of the Stone Hand; Teenage Zombies), George Andre, Steve Brodie and Richard Banks.

The Batman television series was hugely popular and had spawned a 1966 spin-off theatrical movie, so filmmaker Jerry Warren decided to make his own superhero bat-film. However, he was sued for copyright infringement, so re-released the film under the title She Was a Hippy Vampire.


When arch-villain Rat Fink steals a top-secret atomic hearing aid that allows the user to listen in on any phone conversation worldwide, Batwoman and her all-girl army of bikini babes set out to recover it…


” …the acting is so wooden that we have no idea whether they’re trying to be serious or not. The comedy is further hampered by director Warren, who lets most scenes run on far too long. Things do get substantially more goofy later in the film, but by then, it’s too late.” 2,500 Movies Challenge

” …a rip-off hack job no matter how you slice it, though its innocent veneer, period charm, and forced wackiness might endear the film to fans of similar goofs like Rat Pfink a Boo Boo or The Nasty RabbitAll Movie

” …a film entirely based upon the simple belief that the two finest things in the world are go-go dancing and face-pulling; and that together, they comprise the very essence of comedy.” And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

“I can’t think of any reason to recommend this movie. There is a lot of dancing, the plot is old-school silly, but the pacing and editing is so abysmal that the movie is nearly unwatchable.” Misan[trope]y

“[has] all the earmarks of Warren’s worst work, but rises above the level of something as tedious as Petrified World. It is funny in an unintentional way and sometimes is not hard to look at.” Fred Olen Ray, The New Poverty Row: Independent Filmmakers as Distributors, McFarland, 1991

“The shoestring budget, awful costumes, and bad performances lend the movie a certain amount of charm.  That’s not quite enough to sustain the entire running time, but it’s enough to make for an intermittently amusing flick.  Whenever things threaten to get dull, the scenes of scantily clad women go-go dancing help to maintain your interest.” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

  • Katherine Victor … Batwoman
  • George Mitchell … Prof. G. Octavius Neon (as George Andre)
  • Steve Brodie … Jim Flanagan
  • Richard Banks … J.B. Christians / Rat Fink
  • Steve Conte … Bruno
  • Mel Oshins … Tiger
  • Bruno VeSota … Seltzer
  • Bob Arbogast … Spirits in Séance (voice)
  • The Young Giants … Themselves
  • Lucki Winn … Bat Girl #14
  • Suzanne Lodge … Kidnapped Bat Girl
  • Pam Garry … Bat Girl
  • Sylvia Holiday … Bat Girl
  • Francis Bryan … Bat Girl
  • Leah London … Bat Girl
  • Lloyd Nelson … Heathcliff

Film Facts:

The monsters briefly seen in the film were re-used footage from the Universal Pictures film The Mole People (1956).

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