DEATH WALKS (2016) Reviews and overview


Death Walks is a 2016 British horror feature film about strange zombies that take over a shopping mall late one night.

Written and directed by Spencer Hawken (Road Rage), the Views From The Edge Films production stars Francesca Ciardi (Cannibal Holocaust), Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar, Jessie Williams and Joanna Finata.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Now, all things considered with the non-budget, the inexperienced actors, and (shoot me for saying this) the inane plotline, the film is fairly amusing; and for a first-time directorial spin, Hawken manages to deliver on the goods of putting out a maiden voyage presentation.” Dread Central

“There will always be a creative voice that can find something interesting in nothing. Death Walks showed that it is possible to get resources from hard work and dedication. Though also being a good movie, it showed how successful a no-budget movie can be with the right people working on it.” HNN

” …it wastes no time in setting up its central premise and the plot is relatively fast-paced, driving the story forward all the time, with little in the way of padding. Plus there were some quite funny scenes of black humour, one of which involving a zombie in a wheelchair […] I was really bowled over at how professionally-looking this turned out…” Realm of Horror

“While it doesn’t rewrite the rule book of the zombie sub-genre, it does refreshing reminder that the undead still have some life in them after all. All aspiring filmmakers should see it at least once for inspiration; if anything it’s going to reaffirm that DIY filmmaking is stronger than ever right now.” Scream magazine

“Director Hawken takes his time to build dread, underlying everything with mystery and a genuine sense of menace. He’s helped tremendously in this task by the film’s composer, Tom Wolfe, whose throbbing homage to early John Carpenter, with clear touches of Goblin and Fabio Frizzi zombie-prog, is the film’s strongest single element.” Wonder Alliance

Choice dialogue:

Louise: “This is like a bad horror film.”

Cast and characters:

  • Francesca Ciardi … Lucrezia
  • Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar … Louise (as Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty)
  • Jessie Williams … Poppy
  • Joanna Finata … Alice
  • Scott Mullins … Rob
  • Daniel Smales … Steve
  • Martin Holland … Andy
  • Jon Guerriero … John
  • Peter James Hole … Karl
  • Jordan Grehs … Simon – Lake Placid 3
  • Stief a Billy … Dan
  • Andy Kemp … Security Manager
  • Timothy McDevitt … Zombie
  • Tyrone Nestor … Zombie
  • Karis Pentecost … Beth
  • Kaylee Pleasance … Lucy
  • Andrea Sandell … The Watcher
  • Penny Judd … Laura
  • Adrian Shippey … AJ
  • Mike Stevens … Zombie
  • Samuel Window … Paul (as Samuel Windows)
  • Sarah de Courcy Rolls … Sarah (as Sarah Rolls)
  • Kris Tiwari … Kris
  • Dan Tyler … Dan

Filming locations:

  • The Mercury Mall, Romford, Essex, England
  • St. Faith’s, Brentwood, Essex, England (closing sequence)
  • Wigley Bush Lane, Brentwood, Essex, England (opening sequence)

Technical details:

  • 85 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1