Angry Asian Murder Hornets – USA, 2020 – preview now with 2nd trailer


‘This sting will be your last!’

Angry Asian Murder Hornets is a 2020 American horror feature film about an invasion of the titular insects in Southern California. It is up to a local anthropologist to find a way to destroy them before it’s too late…

Directed by Dustin Ferguson (Meathook Massacre and sequel; Amityville: Evil Never Dies; Camp Blood 4 and 5; Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival; et al) the SCS Entertainment production stars Shawn C. Phillips (Devil’s Domain; Chillerama; Assault of the Sasquatch and countless others), Sheri Davis (Axegrinder 2), John R. Walker (Robert Reborn; Ouijageist), Jarad Allen (Axed To Pieces) and Jennifer Nangle (Malvolia: The Queen of Screams). Craig Muckler, writer and producer of Microwave Massacre, is an executive producer.

This quickie exploiter is obviously inspired by the current influx of murder hornets into the USA. However, be warned, SCS Entertainment are the folks behind 5G Zombies, so don’t get easily stung when this movie is released online later this year.

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