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‘Every party has a party killer.’
Psychotic! A Brooklyn Slasher Film is a 2016 American horror feature film written and directed by Maxwell Frey and Derek Gibbons.

The movie stars Kristen Martin, Clint Keepin and Maxwell Frey.

A group of hard-partying Brooklyn hipsters are stalked and savagely murdered by a masked maniac known as the Bushwick Party Killer…

“The killings had an interesting retro 80’s slasher vibe about them, which I greatly appreciated. I especially liked the use of the double door buzz in which works to comedic effect in one scene and horrific effect in another. Gibbons and Frey handle all the dynamics of constantly searching but never really doing hipster aesthetic perfect.” Death by Podcast

“Visually striking with its bold primary colours and clever framing, the movie cynically punctures the egocentric, pretentious, often pathetic hipsters of its Bushwick, Brooklyn backdrop – though in the process gives us no one to sympathise with. There are low-key jokes at the expense of slasher movie tropes…” Horrorscreams Videovault

“Overall, Psychotic! is a resoundingly successful feature length debut for Maxwell Frey and Derek Gibbons. It has a superb visual style, fine performances from its cast, a cool looking killer, and a high kill count backed up by bloody practical effects.” The Movie Sleuth

“The throwback feel of the 80s along with the over the top gore sequences were on point, giving this film a personality all its own. Psychotic! is one of those films that was driven by passion, and shows dedication through its creative death scenes, clever comedic scenarios, and genre-induced entertainment.” Nightmarish Conjurings

” …all these characters are caught between the old and the new, forging their identities in online hits and followers even as they play vintage synths and take selfies with polaroids. The film too, though focused on a thoroughly modern subculture, lovingly deploys the colour palette of a classic giallo and the sonic stylings of an Eighties slasher. ” Projected Figures

” …the amped-up acting is oversaturated in self-aware irony, and the few laughs wrung from the characters’ train wreck of a band aren’t worth the time spent listening to it. It turns out that skewering the pretentiousness of hipsters is more fun when there are actual skewers involved.” The Village Voice

“There is nobody remotely likable in this film, they’re all obvious, self-indulgent jerks. Think of every bad hipster stereotype and you have the inhabitants of this film. Granted these films have a tradition of having annoying characters you want to see meet a nasty end but there’s usually somebody to identify with.” Voices from the Balcony


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