BONEYARD (2016) Review and overview


Boneyard is a 2016 American feature film about a young woman tormented by visions at a secluded farmhouse.

Directed by Brent Nurse and Steven Spencer (5 Years After the Fall) from a screenplay written by the latter, the Bnice Films production stars Jason Bowen, Sue Del-Mei and Helen Von Bretzke. It was executive produced by prolific Warren Croyle.


Jane and David Morrison flee to a secluded farmhouse ahead of a mounting scandal that threatens to ruin them. Jane, unsure of her husband’s guilt or innocence, takes a fateful walk in the woods, and discovers an ancient graveyard.

In the wake of her discovery, Jane is plagued by visions, but is her mind falling apart or is the haunting apparition from the woods reaching out to her, scratching on the walls of her reality?


“The movie really has a good story and a good plot, the acting is good and it is brilliantly filmed. It just seemed to lack something to get the adrenaline pumping and excitement going. It was like watching an 80’s horror movie that was shot without all the gore etc.” Blazing Minds

“There are creepy ghost scenes, here, that are butchered in post-production. The ghosts are scary on their own, but they were enhanced after the fact. Sometimes, less is more. Interestingly, the creators managed to give us genuinely spooky shots in fully lit settings, proving that they could all along.” Tales of Terror

Technical details:

98 minutes


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