Stranger aka Storonniy – Ukrainian, 2019 – overview and reviews


Stranger is a 2019 Ukrainian science-fiction mystery feature film about a female detective investigating strange aquatic disappearances.

Written and directed by Dmitriy Tomashpolskiy, the Gagarin Media Film Company production stars Anastasiya Yevtushenko, Darya Tregubova, Maria Bruni, Anna Sukhomlyn, Sergey Kalantay and Mariya Motorna. The original title is Storonniy


A synchronized swimming team disappeared in the swimming pool during a performance. A patient of a water-therapy clinic has since disappeared while taking a bath. How are these cases connected and how does a doll with real hair relate to it?

An inspector with no unsolved cases will have to investigate that. She will also have to find out who she really is…

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“It may be a fashionably fractious fever-dream nearly impossible to decode, but the fun is in the attempt, while the imagery is too eerily memorable and the story is too unique to ignore. If you like your Lovecraftian horror with a dash of Lynchian surrealism, you’re bound to enjoy solving Stranger‘s Rubik’s Cube of a plot.” Arrow in the Head

Stranger may at first be stylised as a cerebral affair, with every character playing their rôles in an emotionless deadpan – but by the end, the feelings wash over, and a real empathy emerges, decoded by a final, personal text. Take a dip in its waters, to be mystified, muddled – and then moved.” Projected Figures

Filming locations:

Kyiv, Ukraine

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