THE CLEARING (2020) Reviews and overview


‘The end is just the beginning’

The Clearing is a 2020 American feature film about a father (Liam MacIntyre) and daughter who go camping just as a zombie apocalypse occurs.

Written and directed by David Matalon (short: Bedtime Stories), the movie stars Liam McIntyre (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War; Star Wars Resistance TV series), Aundrea Smith, Steven Swadling and Sydelle Noel.

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“Save for some glaringly obvious digital blood and fire FX, The Clearing is mostly shot and edited well. Even with a single location and mainly one actor, the low budget usually stays concealed so the movie doesn’t look like a typical DIY effort shot on the cheap in a public park. That’s about the only compliment that can be mustered, however.” Culture Crypt


The Clearing is available to view on Crackle, the US-based streaming platform from June 4th 2020.

Cast and characters:

• Liam McIntyre … Tom
• Aundrea Smith … Mira
• Steven Swadling … The Ranger
• Sydelle Noel … Naomi
• Geraldine Moreno … Zombie
• Adelina Saldana … Infected
• Laila Drew … Infected
• Linda Kessler … Pony Tail Mom
• Mackenzie Augustin … Infected
• Erica Allseitz … Camper
• Mia Rivera … Zombie – Infected
• Naosheen Ahmed … Infected
• David Otto Simanek … Infected
• Shadii … Infected
• Rachel Raemisch … Infected

Filming locations:

King Gillette Ranch, Malibu Creek State Park, Mulholland Highway, Calabasas, California

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