DEAD MAN TELLS HIS OWN TALE (2016) Overview and free to watch online in HD


Dead Man Tells His Own Tale is a 2016 Argentinian comedy horror feature film about a sisterhood of Celtic goddesses who control men that have attacked the female gender.

Directed by Fabián Forte from a screenplay co-written with Nicolás Britos, the movie stars Diego Gentile, Mariana Anghileri, Emilia Attías and Damián Dreizik. The original title is El Muerto Cuenta su Historia


Angel is addicted to women. Cheating is his hobby, and this ability has made of him a master in disguise and lies. He is married to a strong woman who tries not to be aware of his cheating, and he is the father of a daughter who demands his attention. His life is divided into his company, his women and his family, in that order of importance.

Through his partner and friend Eduardo, Angel redeems his conscience and confess his affairs as well as his fears. These confessions have a supernatural result for Angel’s future when he is taken by a Celtic goddesses sisterhood, who seek to establish a matriarchy in the world.

Without being aware of that fact, Angel will be manipulated by these powerful women, who have under their control to those men who have somehow attempted on the female genre. Angel’s life will turn into a calvary, by being a slave of their powers and key agent of a tough plan to eradicate men existence…

Cast and characters:

  • Diego Gentile … Angel
  • Mariana Anghileri … Lucila (as Moro Anghileri)
  • Emilia Attías … Bea
  • Damián Dreizik … Eduardo
  • Mikko Aromaa … Cameo (victim)
  • Marina Cohen … Macha
  • Lautaro Delgado … Norberto
  • Fiorela Duranda … Antonella
  • Chucho Fernandez … Doctor Piedras
  • Nicolás Galvagno … Cadaver
  • Tamara Garzón … Socorro
  • Pablo Guisa Koestinger … Victima
  • Carolina Molinari Carolina Molinari … Gilda
  • Berta Muñiz … Sergio
  • Pipi Onetto … Cristina

Filming locations:

Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina