CONFESSIONAL (2019) Reviews and overview


Confessional is a 2019 American thriller feature film about seven students that receive invitations to a hidden confessional booth on campus.

Directed by Brad T. Gottfred from a screenplay written by Jennifer Wolfe [as Jennifer Bosworth], the movie stars Lucas Adams, Paris Berelc, Annalisa Cochrane and Jess Gabor.


After two mysterious deaths at a college on the same night, seven students, somehow connected, receive invitations to a confessional booth hidden on the campus. Their confessions slowly unveil the truth behind, not only the deaths, the booth as well…


Confessional premieres on May 28th 2020 on streaming platform Shudder in the USA, Canada and the UK.


” …I’d definitely still recommend it. The camera work and cinematography had to get really creative, and they did and it worked great. I appreciate films that take risks with their storytelling like this one did.” CRP Writes

” …while it never overstays its welcome, this is not a horror-thriller that combines scares and thrills with its terrible secrets. If you are okay with that, then there is a thoughtful framing to its tale, one that teases you with just enough information to keep you guessing until the very end…” Cryptic Rock

“There is enough mystery in Confessional to keep things interesting to the big reveal, and Gottfred and Wolfe stick to the confessional booth gimmick and make it work. The approach is a unique attempt at updating a tried-and-true horror/mystery film stand-by, and the performances are always amusing, for mostly good but sometimes questionable reasons.” Horror Fuel

Confessional is a film that teeters on being truly terrible, but its few (and I mean few) stronger qualities keep it from entering that territory. With a tighter script, adjusted line delivery and a cleaner, more focused plot I think this could have been a cool, indie alternative to a film like Unfriended (2014).” Killer Horror Critic

“The drama of Confessional is far from low-key, involving as it does murder, rape and all sorts of nastiness, but its young ensemble cast lacks the acting chops required to sell its hackneyed script. It doesn’t help that Confessional feels like a product of the ’90s, with plot revelations that simply don’t carry the same sort of social weight they might have a couple of decades ago.” The Movie Waffler

Cast and characters:

Lucas Adams … Major
Paris Berelc … June
Annalisa Cochrane … Raquel
Jess Gabor … Carrie
Brandon Larracuente … Zach
Vanessa Marano … Noelle
Marcus Scribner … Garrett
Jake Short … Sai
Mia Xitlali … Amelia

Filming locations:

Studio City, Los Angeles, California