10/31 Part II (2019) reviews and overview

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Poster artwork by Travis Smith

‘More bloodsoaked tales of horror and the macabre’

10/31 Part II is a 2019 American horror anthology feature film produced by Rocky Gray and is obviously a sequel to 2017 movie 10/31.

The tales are again introduced by Malvolia the Queen of Screams and the segments are being directed by:

  • Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre)
  • Tristan Clay (Red Eye)
  • Tory Van Buskirk (Come to Me Sister Mary)
  • Stephen Wolfe (Dracula’s Coffin)


“Creatures of the night awaken for this year’s Halloween Monster Marathon hosted by Malvolia: The Queen of Screams. Strap in for more freaky flicks with a new batch of indie directors.

Spooky tales such as a Halloween celebration turned deadly in A Samhain Liturgy, and something unholy in the basement desires a nun in Sister Mary (Tory Van Buskirk of Alone), otherworldly strangers need fresh meat in Dead Lift (Stephen Wolfe of Doll Factory), explore the difference between hatchets and tomahawks at the best Halloween party ever in Apache Hatchet Massacre II (Max Groah of Bong of the Living Dead) and a serial killer has a big problem in Overkill (Drew Marvick of Pool Party Massacre).

Including faux trailers from other indie filmmakers – Treaters (Zane Hershberger of Force to Fear), Truck Squatch (John Hale of The Conduit), The Candy Taker (Robert Lanphere of Cryptids) and The October Kids (Brett DeJager of BoneJangles).”

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Some of the shorts are much more bloodier than the others but amazing practical effects can be seen pretty much throughout. I really enjoyed the quality of carnage the film brought. Overall, 10/31 Part 2 is another worthy Halloween horror film that should be added to your Halloween movie rotation.” Horror Society

“With almost every single anthology you get at least one and sometimes two weak segments, 10/31 part is full of great segments. 10/31 Part II is heavy, hilarious and hauntingly awesome! With that, I can say, 10/31 Part II is the best Halloween horror anthology period!” The Horror Syndicate

10/31 Part II is an entertaining anthology flick packed with various types of horror given to us by a myriad of talented filmmakers. The acting throughout the film’s 1 hour and 45 minutes is much better than I anticipated, making things that much more enjoyable. Each short film contains creative storylines and, more importantly, practical special effects!” Repulsive Reviews


10/31 Part II was released on Blu-ray on February 4th 2020 by Scream Team Releasing. The movie is also available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime


Cast and characters:

  • London Grace … Sister Mary (segment ‘Sister Mary’), Mrs McClaron (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Jennifer Nangle … Malvolia the Queen of Screams (segment ‘Malvolia’)
  • Anastasia Elfman … Becky the Babysitter (segment ‘Overkill’)
  • David E. McMahon … Serial Killer (segment: Overkill)
  • R.J. Wagner … Stan (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Bianca Allaine … The Woman (segment ‘Treaters’)
  • Jordan Beltz … Allison (segment ‘Treaters’)
  • Matt Block … Demon / Man (segment ‘Sister Mary’)
  • Stevie Boiser … The Devil Voice (segment ‘Sister Mary’)
  • Jessica Breuer … Kevin’s Mom (segment “The October Kids)
  • Lexi Breuer … Tara (segment “The October Kids)
  • Maddox Breuer … Kevin (segment “The October Kids)
  • Chuck Brown … Narrator (segment “The October Kids”)
  • Chad Bruns … Tim (segment ‘Treaters’)
  • Brittany Davis … Swamp Lady (segment “The October Kids)
  • Danielle Douglas … Karen (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Devin Douglas … Tommy (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Skip Francoeur … Old Man (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Sable Griedel … Kira (segment ‘Treaters’)
  • Tania Henderson … Holly’s Mom (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Christopher Hoban … Lois (segment “The October Kids)
  • Ava Justin … Shelby (segment “The October Kids”)
  • Noah Klein … Devil trick or treater ‘Sister Mary’
  • Kurtis Lane … Pumpkin Man (segment “The October Kids)
  • William McCarthy William McCarthy … Howard (segment ‘Dead Lift’)
  • Ashley Nief … Whitney (segment ‘Dead Lift’)
  • Tim Novotny … Creature / Party Guy #2 (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Andy Palmer … Passenger (segment ‘Dead Lift’)
  • Tim Robinson … Jeremy (segment ‘Dead Lift’)
  • Marissa Sabatucci … Rachel (segment ‘Treaters’)
  • Ty Sells … Cameron (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Rhema Srihartiti … Holly (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Emily Swenson … Jenna (segment “The October Kids)
  • Tory van Buskirk … Party Guy #1 (segment ‘A Samhain Liturgy’)
  • Zeke Hanson … Officer Hanson (segment “The October Kids) (uncredited)

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