THE EVIL RISES (2018) Reviews and overview

‘Damnation is upon us’

The Evil Rises is a 2018 American horror feature film about a group of young friends who discover an ancient statue that unleashes a malevolent spirit.

Written and directed by Daniel Florenzano, the movie stars Bailey La Flam, Michael Glauser, Julian De La Mora, Joe Paulson, Alec Lobato and Ed Hollingsworth.


A group of young friends discover an ancient statue that unleashes an evil spirit. Once released the demon enslaves them to collect human blood so that it can come back to life and rule the world. It’s up to a detective, a priest, and a pizza boy to infiltrate the group’s sinister compound and banish the spirit from the Earth before it’s too late…


Currently available exclusively on Tubi TV for a limited time, The Evil Rises is set for a wide digital release across multiple platforms over the coming months.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …just as it starts at a beach party, The Evil Rises comes full circle and finishes at a house party. It’s not quite as entertaining as the opener but it still manages to deliver some blood and boobs. I was hoping for more of a bloodbath but that seems to be beyond the film’s budget.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

• Bailey La Flam … Claudia
• Michael Glauser … Sebastian
• Julian De La Mora … Willie
• Joe Paulson … Detective David Jones
• Alec Lobato … Chazz
• Ed Hollingsworth … Father O’ Maley
• Manuel Andrade … House Party Zombie
• Willie Anthony … House Party Zombie
• Celise Armstrong … Police Dispatcher Voice
• Tina Atrin … Beach Party Guest
• Danny Ayer II … House Party Zombie
• Kathleen Baik … Beach Party Guest
• Vadim Bayramov … House Party Guest
• Alex Beachy … Police Officer
• Elva Cardenas … Village Lady

Filming locations:

• San Diego, California


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