SUBFERATU (2020) Reviews and overview


‘High in iron. Low on air. In too deep.’

Subferatu is a 2020 American comedy-horror feature film in which a group of modern-day Americans are captured by a WW2-era Uboat, with a sinister cargo, bound for NYC.

Written and directed by Patrick Penta, the Pontius Films production stars Mike Dooly, Martyn G. Krouse, Jonathan Dichter and John Gardner.


“If you like silliness and some light entertainment, you’ve come to the right place. The film’s trailer will clue you in on the kind of fun in store for you. As a comedy, I desperately wanted it to be funnier […] Subferatu presents many humorous moments, that will elicit a smile but never comes through on a punchline that will trigger the laugh.” Film Threat

“Bermuda Triangle, Hitler, time travel, and vampires — Subferatu has everything one needs (and doesn’t need) to be entertained. It took about 45 minutes for this movie to grow on me but overall I enjoyed watching this movie unfold, which felt like it drew inspiration from everything from Waititi’s sort of dialogue, Nosferatu-esque vampire styling, and Seth Rogan sort of character styling.” Horror Buzz

Subferatu is kind of like a low-budget Airplane! or Naked Gun or any of those other satirical, stylized films that mine silly comedy for big laughs. Subferatu goes darker than most of them, but for the most part it works.” The Independent Critic

“While there were a couple of bits here and there that could have been excised (such as a dinner scene with our hero Captain), this was a fun flick with some genuine laughs and lots of cultural buzzwords, so it pays to – err – pay attention to what’s being said.” Indie Horror Films

“Patrick Penta’s film doesn’t claim to be anything more than it is. A diversion, a way to pass the time with a smile on your face. Hell, it even has a brilliantly executed musical number at the end – both a great way to cap off a B comedy, and also insanely good. The people that will end up watching this film, will no doubt know exactly what they’re getting…” Indy Red

” …the acting was not consistently good across the cast and, even in those who acted well the comedy chops weren’t always on point – for me at least. All in all, this was entertaining enough for a watch, did well for a budget piece, but ultimately was missing something.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

” …come the last third of the movie, it hits its stride far better and makes you wonder whether it might have been better suited as a short. Admittedly it is rather bumpy at points and not What We Do in the Shadows but regardless there is fun to be had if you are willing to play along in the purposely OTT tomfoolery.” UK Film Review

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Subferatu was released on Amazon Prime on May 4th 2020.

Cast and characters (listed alphabetically):

Chris Bender … Ribbonclerk
Jonathan Dichter … Lt. Meine
Mike Dooly … Captain McCloud
John Gardner … Atticus
Martyn G. Krouse … Commander Braunschweiger
Jeremy Moller … Butler
Thomas Nichols … Roosevelt
Patrick Penta … Waiter
Robert Pidde … Herr Glühwein
Nate Pringle … Lt. Bierficker
Michael Reed … Lt. Valentiner
Daniel Rivas … Coast Guard
Chelsea Tolle … Ellen / Vampire
Claire Webber … Scarlet

Filming locations:

Seattle, Washington

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:1

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