The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (2020) preview with trailer

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‘She was head over heels. Now she’s just a head’

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is a 2020 American satirical science-fiction horror feature film and a remake of the 1959 movie of the same name.

Produced, directed and edited by Derek Carl (short: Bad Seed) – making his feature debut – from a screenplay written by Hank Huffman, based on the original story by Rex Carlton and Joseph Green, the Flagship Features-Hyperbole Productions movie stars Rachael Perrell Fosket, Patrick D. Green (Jason Rising; Vicious; The Devil Knows His Own), David Withers (Vicious; Bad Exorcists; Exorcist: The Fallen) and Jason Reynolds (I Need You Dead!; Carnivorous Love; The Blair Witch Legacy).


After his fiancee Jan is in killed a car accident, a gifted surgeon Bill Cortner revives her severed head in hopes of finding her a new body.

Knowing full well that he will have to murder an innocent woman to do so, Bill’s intentions are revealed to be less than noble, especially after it becomes clear that he seeks not only a viable body but a “perfect body” – a quest that takes him through the seedier parts of the city, from smoky cabarets to sleazy swimsuit competitions.

All the while, Jan, determined to bring an end to her suffering, uses her newly acquired psychic abilities (because why not) to communicate with another of Bill’s botched experiments. Together, they plot their revenge…

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Main cast and characters:

• Rachael Perrell Fosket … Jan Compton
• Patrick D. Green … Dr Bill Cortner
• David Withers … William Cortner
• Jason Reynolds … Kurt
• Robert Blanche … Detective Mancini
• Mia Allen … Doris Powell
• Julia Bray … Roxanne
• Gaelle Lola Beauvais … Lady Marmalade
• Alex Tiefenthaler … The Thing
• Kristen Mortensen … Donna
• Kelsey Norene … Jeanie
• Bethany Jacobs … Bonnie
• Devon Rawlings … Paula
• Daniel Timothy Treacy … Rookie Cop
• Bruce Jennings … Jeweller
• Josh Rice … Hugh
• Brian Sutherland … Thad Chaderson
• Jeffree Newman … Blind Street Preacher
• Tom Avila … Malcolm
• Greg James … Bartender
• Paul Avallone … Professor
• Sharae Foxie … Bettie
• Nikita Price … Peggy
• Kate Hanson … Terri
• Chris Ihlenfeldt … Burlesque Patron
• P.E. Ingraham … Club Patron

Technical details:

• 97 minutes
• Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
• Audio: Stereo

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