THE COLLECTED (2021) Preview – production has apparently halted


The Collected – stylized as The Coll3cted – is an American torture trap horror film and the third film in The Collector franchise. The previous entry was The Collection (2012). The movie was originally announced as The Collector 3 and then The Coll3ctor.

Production apparently ceased after only a few days and there has been no news of a resumption.

Directed by Marcus Dunstan from a screenplay co-written with Patrick Melton (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark; Piranha 3DD; Feast), the Clear Horizon-Rad All Day Productions movie stars Navi Rawat (The Collection; Feast), Josh Stewart (Discarnate; The Neighbor; Cold Moon, Dot-Marie Jones (3 from Hell), Emma Fitzpatrick (Knives and Skin; Bloodsucking Bastards; The Collection), Tom Atkins (Trick; My Bloody Valentine 3D; The Fog; et al), Julia Vasi and Randy Havens. It is produced by David Brown, Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizzotti.

Cast and characters:

Navi Rawat … Lisa
Josh Stewart … Arkin
Dot-Marie Jones … Sheriff Roxy Lawson
Emma Fitzpatrick … Elena
Tom Atkins … Clu
Julia Vasi … Cindy
Randy Havens … Evidence Officer
Lilith Fury … Woman in the police station
Peter Giles … The Collector
Sasha Rionda … Female Reporter
David Shae … Deputy Gulager
David Kallaway … D&D
Mary Kraft … Monica
Dikran Tulaine … Alan Ross
Taj Speights … Tennyson
Thomas Roberts … Reporter
Louie Kurtzman … Tweaker
Alison Haselden … Potter

Additional images via Bloody Disgusting