ESCAPE: PUZZLE OF FEAR (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Solve it or die

Escape: Puzzle of Fear is a 2020 American horror-thriller film about two couples that find themselves trapped in a deadly Escape Room.

Directed by J.Jones from a screenplay written by Lizze Gordon, the Let’s Mason Movies-Thriller Films production stars Tommy Nash (What Josiah Saw; Angels Fallen; The Amityville Terror; Office of the Dead), Aubrey Reynolds (Deadly Sugar Daddy; Frenzy; Shock), Omar Gooding (The Devil’s Dozen), Naina Michaud, Nicholas Turturro (The Hillside Strangler; The Hollow; Hellraiser: Inferno) and Sara Stretton (Coven).


Hot-shot Hollywood agent Matthew Blake has a dark past. He thinks that he is on his way to a double date with his oldest friend to a new Escape Room in Los Angeles.

However, when the couples are locked into the Escape Room, Matthew quickly finds himself at the centre of a revenge plot meant to right the wrongs of his past, with deadly results…



“The lack of subtlety drowns everything in obviousness. The revelation Brittany is really Emily comes as no surprise. There were too many hints pointing us in that direction. Time and again, as the film progresses, filmmakers fail to stop themselves spoiling the production with heavy-handed signposting.” Medium


“Perhaps the filmmakers felt that their audience needed more spoon-feeding when they had already had enough detail shovelled their way. Unfortunately, this approach overeggs things and it makes the film lack pace when the reveals really needed some oomph. It’s not so much a puzzle of fear as more of a puzzle as to why the filmmakers felt the need to keep telling us the same thing over and over again…” My Bloody Reviews

“While Escape: Puzzle of Fear looks absolutely fine, it’s shot in a way that a hundred other low budget horror movies are shot and it does nothing to stand out from the pack. The musical score seems to have very little thought to it and the ‘puzzles’ in the escape room are almost non-existent […] And if horror fans were hoping for gore and some cool death scenes, you’ll be highly disappointed with this too.” Nerdly


Escape: Puzzle of Fear will be available On-Demand and DVD on August 18, 2020, via Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cast and characters:

Tommy Nash … Matthew
Aubrey Reynolds … Brittany
Omar Gooding … Tyler
Naina Michaud … Angela
Nicholas Turturro … Keith
Sara Stretton … Jo
John Colton … Sam
Lili Bordán … Tabitha
Robert Watzke … Officer #1
Brooklyn Robinson … Mandy
Lee Hudson … Robert
Trent Kerpsack … John
Michael Lenoci … Eric
Sicily Fontaine … Emily
Jennifer Jules Hart … Alex

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California


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