SOUL aka ROH (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t believe everything you see or hear in the jungle’

Soul aka Roh is a 2019 Malaysian horror film in which a family gets a visit from a strange little girl with a frightening prediction.

Written and directed by Emir Ezwan – making his feature debut – from a story co-written with Nazri M. Annuar and Amir Hafizi, the Kuman Pictures production stars Farah Ahmad, Mhia Farhana, Harith Haziq, June Lojong, Namron and Putri Qaseh. Produced by Shizreen Saleh and Elise Shick.


Cut off from civilisation, a single mother puts her children on high alert when they bring home a young girl caked in clay.

She tells of spirits and spirit hunters, but these are not mere superstitions. As more strangers show up on her doorstep, she quickly finds another reason to fear the jungle…


“Graced with a stellar story, plenty of chilling aspects at play and not too many detrimental elements, Roh manages to get plenty of entertaining work that succeeds in giving the film a lot to like about it. Give this a shot if you’re into these slow-building horror dramas or appreciative of this low-budget style of effort.” Asian Movie Pulse

” …a truly chilling work that delivers shudders and a gripping mise-en-scène from its opening moments straight through to its unnerving climax. The cast members are all terrific, and the three child actors all give incredible performances in their dread-filled roles. Aficionados of foreign horror, folk horror, and terrific supernatural fare should put Roh high on their need-to-see lists.” Horror Fuel

“The mise-en-scene really kept me hooked, and I did not feel the sense of time passing. The editing and colour correction are seamless. On top of the aforementioned cast, location and props, the story really kept me going until the end. That is the brilliant thing this film can offer: a strong story.” Thoughts on Film

“Ezwan conjures a deep atmosphere of existential dread as the darkness begins to seep out of the forest and engulf all around it. Mak warned the children that they shouldn’t go taking things out of the jungle, but despite the eerie superstitions of ghosts and ghost hunters she knew from her youth was all too easily tricked by something that walked out on its own and followed them home.” Windows on Worlds


In the USA, Roh will be released by Film Movement on DVD and Digital on December 21st 2021. Special features:

The Making of Roh featurette

Cast and characters:

Farah Ahmad … Mak
Mhia Farhana … Along
Harith Haziq … Angah
June Lojong … Tok
Namron … Pemburu
Putri Qaseh … Adik

Technical details:

83 minutes

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